When the python bitten, the man reached the hospital holding his neck, said – treat me, the health workers ran away in fear

Jalaun: You must have heard about the death of many people due to snake bite, but in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun, when a snake (python) bit a person, he got angry and grabbed his neck and reached the hospital after filling it in a sack. On reaching the hospital, he opened the sack and told that this snake had bitten me. Treat me On seeing the snake, there was a stir among the health workers present there. The doctors informed the forest department and later the snake was released into the forest.

Actually, the matter pertains to Mirzapur village of Madhaugarh Kotwali area. When Brijnandan, who lives here, was bitten by a python snake, he did not get scared, but in a fit of anger caught hold of the snake’s neck and took it in a sack and brought it to the Community Health Center of Jalaun. After this the young man took out the python from the sack. There was a stir on seeing the python and the forest department was informed about it. Later the youth was referred to the Medical College for treatment.

The doctor told that the snake bit the young man, the condition is fine
The doctor on duty at the Community Health Center told that a case of snack bite has come. The young man was at his home when the snake bit him. The young man came to the hospital for treatment. He was bitten by a snake. Although no symptoms have been found in him, he has been given medicine and he has been sent to the district hospital for observation.
Report – Vishal Verma

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