UP STF caught smuggling pangolin and wild boar teeth, know why there is so much demand in the international market

Lucknow: The STF team of Uttar Pradesh has got great success. The UP STF has arrested two accused of smuggling the scalp of highly endangered and protected animal pangolin, teeth of wild boar. Both the arrested accused Ajay Bharti and Jiut Kumar Bharti are residents of Sonbhadra district. Scalp of pangolin, 4 teeth of wild boar and 2 mobiles have been recovered from it. Pangolin and wild boar are classified as protected species and trade in their parts is banned.

According to information received from UP STF, STF had received important information from Wildlife Crime Control Bureaus on Thursday. Smugglers with pangolin scalp and wild boar tusks are present near Lazeez Hotel under Police Station Robertsganj area of ​​Sonbhadra district, which is in a hurry to go somewhere. Acting jointly, the team of STF and Forest Department under the leadership of Inspector Arvind Singh arrested two smugglers.

Powerful medicines are made from pangolin
STF told that the arrested accused told during interrogation that they have a gang. In this, the smuggling of rare animal pangolin’s scalp and wild pig’s teeth in the international market is on a large scale. It is used to make potent drugs abroad, due to which the bones of the pangolin’s scalp are sold illegally at very high prices. According to the information received by STF, these people used to get scalp of pangolin and teeth of wild boar from the forests of Sonbhadra with the help of forest dwellers.
Report – Abhay Singh

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