UP Police has crossed the limit… Innocent on suspicion of theft, third degree, body lay blue, the girl had forgotten the phone at another shop

Kanpur: Kanpur Police of UP is always in headlines for its exploits. Another case of Kanpur Commissionerate Police has come to light. On Thursday, on the charge of mobile theft, the outpost in-charge gave third degree to the young man in the winter season. The police have mercilessly thrashed the young man, the evidence of which can be clearly seen on his hands and body. It is being told that the policemen had beaten him so much that he became unconscious. The youth is being treated at CHC. Seeing the condition of the youth, the villagers created a ruckus in the police station. After the video went viral, the DCP handed over the investigation to ACP Ghatampur. Along with this, the outpost incharge has been attached to the DCP office.

Historical fair is being held in Bhitargaon town located in Sadh police station area for hundreds of years. Firoz Ahmed has a plastic shop in this fair. Surendra Kumar, a resident of Kanpur Dehat Indurukh village, is an employee in Firoz Ahmed’s shop. Last Thursday, a girl had come to visit the fair. The girl’s mobile had gone missing. On this, the girl had expressed suspicion of theft on Surendra. Two constables were taken away from Bhitargaon outpost on charges of mobile theft.

police gave third degree
Surendra alleges that outpost in-charge Ajay Gangwar and the soldiers had beaten him with a strap. Straps were showered all over the body by pressing both the hands with the feet. Hit the hands with sticks, due to which the hands swell and the body turns blue. Shop owner Firoz told that when we were called to the outpost, Surendra was lying motionless on the ground. Surendra was handed over to us. After this he was admitted to Bhitargaon CHC.

The girl had forgotten her mobile in another shop
According to fair in-charge Rajan, the girl who had come to visit the fair had forgotten her mobile in another shop. When his mobile rang, the shopkeeper had returned his mobile. The police mercilessly thrashed the young man without investigation. At the same time, the villagers first created a ruckus in the outpost and the police station.

Action will be taken after investigation
According to DCP South Pramod Kumar, a girl had accused of mobile theft. On this the police brought him. The youth has accused the outpost police of assault. Whose video is viral on social media. The investigation of this matter has been handed over to ACP Ghatampur. Along with this, the outpost incharge has been attached to the DCP South office. Whatever facts will come out in the investigation. Action will be taken on its basis.
Report – Sumit Sharma

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