Shraddha Murder Case: Don’t target Muslims, know the opinion of these students to avoid killers like Aftab

Lucknow/Ayodhya: The whole country has been shaken by the Shraddha murder case in Delhi. The discussion of Shraddha murder case is going on all over the country. Boyfriend Aftab Amin killed Shraddha and cut her body into 35 pieces. Then for about 18 days he kept throwing them in the forests of Chhatarpur. A new fridge was also bought by Shraddha to prevent the pieces of her corpse from rotting and spreading the stench. Along with this, information was collected from Google to clean the blood from the house. Police is now looking for the pieces of Shraddha’s body by taking Aftab into custody. On the other hand, debate has started across the country on things like live in relationship and trust in love. On the one hand, the Shraddha Aftab Amin case is also being linked with religion. In such a situation, the students of Uttar Pradesh have shared their opinion on the issue of love, live in relationship and Shraddha murder.

The students of Lucknow gave their opinion regarding Shraddha murder case of Delhi. The students here say that this matter should not be linked to religion. The students said that the one who is throwing it into 35 pieces is not a human being. Only Muslims should not be targeted for this massacre. The country should stand together in this matter, so that justice can be done. Regarding live-in relationship, the students said that it is not a wrong thing. However, if your family is nagging you for this, then their point should also be understood. Being blind in love will not help. In the Shraddha murder case, even if the accused was a Hindu, he could not have been supported. The students said that cutting someone into 35 pieces and throwing away two pieces each in 18 days has nothing to do with any religion. In such a case, the government should take an on the spot decision. After the murder of Shraddha, the government needs to take a big decision so that a strong message can be given to the criminals.

Aftab should not have broken Shraddha’s trust

In Ayodhya, the girl students also shared their opinion with the NBT regarding the murder of Shraddha. The girls say that love does not happen by seeing religion. What the boy (Aftab) did after believing in love should not be linked to religion alone. Just the girl (Shraddha) had chosen the wrong person for love. The story of Shraddha murder case is very painful. The girl students say that girls should understand that they should not fall in the trap of anyone so soon. This matter should not be taken as Hindu or Muslim only. Student Khushi said that Aftab should not have broken Shraddha’s trust. Aftab should be given severe punishment for this. At the same time, some students said that parents take the right decision for us. At least he talks. The student culture said that committing such an incident is not a sign of being a normal human being. Surely he must have a mental illness. Normal people talk. Do not commit such kind of crime.
Input – Sandeep Tiwari/Sakshi

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