Shivpal Yadav: Hi-hi, this compulsion.. Shivpal, just read this poetry, the pain of the heart will reduce.

New Delhi: In the Mainpuri by-election, the knot tied between uncle and nephew has been opened. Angry uncle has now talked about watering the garden. Actually, the uncle and nephew we are talking about are none other than Shivpal Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav. What would uncle do now? The fear of being Jaichand was haunting me. There was a fear of people’s condemnation. The nephew himself came home with his daughter-in-law, so he had to follow the customs of the society. They were surrounded everywhere. Now there is resentment but what to do. It was a compulsion.

Now in the language of Sher-o-Shayari, understand what must have been going on in uncle Shivpal’s mind at that time. The seat on which till yesterday he himself was beating the rhythm, now he had to agree for the daughter-in-law. So know the matter of uncle’s heart.. through shero-o-shayari.

Sometimes I saw sorrow and sometimes I saw happiness
We have often seen helplessness and helplessness
what should we make of their displeasure
We ourselves have seen the helplessness of our fate

There is sorrow in uncle’s heart, but the matter of watering the garden is doing politics. Water is roaming on every desire. But everyone’s support is necessary, it has to be shown as well. In politics, relationships get made and get spoiled. Yesterday the uncle’s tongue was running like a sword for the nephew, but when the nephew himself has come to the door, then what would he do. The daughter-in-law herself was also at the rate. Had to feel sorry. The heart had to be explained. Think of it in the language of poetry.
Has the Yadav family of Saifai become one or are the close ones just electoral? Dimple-Akhilesh’s meeting with Shivpal raised many questions
Meeting is a coincidence
And separation is a compulsion,
in this life of four days
everyone needs to be together

Had he not supported Dimple Yadav, there was a danger of being called Jaichand, understand the compulsion of Shivpal who came with Akhilesh
What would you do now? Elder brother’s son, former CM of the state himself came. The fear of the society started troubling. Mainpuri has been a stronghold of the Samajwadi Party. If the BJP people had gone secretly with the candidate, there was a fear of defamation. On the other hand, the nephew must have given some assurance. So on the basis of that assurance, the fear of the society, the need of politics, all these thinking uncle became silent and announced to support the nephew and daughter-in-law. Understand this also from poetry that what must be going on in uncle’s heart.

No one understands someone’s helplessness,
It hurts when hearts are broken, but no one tells

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