Sambhal News: The groom ‘kissed’ the bride on the stage, the angry girl broke the marriage, the wedding procession returned

Careful: A surprising case has come to light from Sambhal in UP. A ruckus broke out during a wedding ceremony here when the groom ‘kissed’ the bride on the stage. Angered by the kissing of the groom, the bride refused to perform the marriage. After this, there was a lot of tu-tu-me-me in the houses and baraatis. Angry bride called the police on the spot. After this the procession had to return without the bride.

What is the whole matter?

The case is of Sambhal district of UP. Where a 23 year old graduate bride refused to accept her marriage after being garlanded. The bride told in the case that the groom kissed her on the stage in front of 300 guests due to a bet with his friends. The bride says that after this act, I doubt the character of the boy. After the bride’s call, the police reached the spot, took both the parties to the police station. Where the police tried to convince both the sides but the matter did not work out.

The bride who reached the police station told that the groom first tried to touch her wrongly on the stage, which she rejected. After this the groom kissed me in front of everyone, he didn’t even care about my self respect. In such a situation, what will they do with me in future…. I am afraid of this. The bride further said that’s why I have decided that I will not go with it anymore.

In this case, the bride’s mother said that the groom had done such an act with my girl on the stage on the advice of his friends. So now my daughter is not ready to go with the groom. The bride’s mother further said that we tried hard to convince our daughter but now she is not agreeing. The bride’s mother said that we have decided that we will take a few days and wait for the matter to cool down.

Talking to our associate newspaper Times of India, station in-charge Pankaj Lavania said that technically both the people have been married. Because the incident happened after all the rituals were completed. The station in-charge said that we are currently waiting for the case to cool down.

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