Rampur Byelection: Azam Khan suddenly worried about mother cow, said a big thing on the Hindus of Rampur while seeking votes

Rampur: After losing the Rampur Lok Sabha by-election, now Azam Khan does not want to face defeat in the assembly by-election at any cost. He is going from street to street. Holding meetings continuously. In the by-elections being held after the cancellation of assembly membership, the BJP is engaged in defeating Azam in full mission mode. Here, Azam is also trying to garner votes by talking about the oppression of the government and disloyalty of his own people. On Tuesday, he also mentioned cow and Hindu voters.

Samajwadi Party’s strong leader Azam Khan said in the election meeting in Rampur, ‘ No one has a team as big as the Hindu brothers I have in Rampur. I don’t have a team of goons, criminals. Today all the cows are on the stage of BJP. What will happen to mother cow who has fifty cases of cow slaughter, who is a history sheeter?’

‘Committed infidelity by defeating Asim’
He said, ‘You have proved by defeating Asim Raza that you do not want to live and do not want to let him live. You have given such a lesson to the weak people of India, which will be remembered by the coming dates. You have cheated, you have committed infidelity. In spite of my ill health, I am begging from every street and door to door. The wolf is standing at your door. You are unaware of the consequences of what is going to happen.’
Rampur Byelection: BJP engaged in cutting Azam’s vote in Rampur? What is the plan to break into Muslim votes?
Azam said on the one who left
He said, ‘The loyalist who left me was sitting at home two days ago. Because he could not give the account of his wealth, property, buildings and plots. He left, you also leave me. Because the brave police of our society can run and kill you, it is possible. I have heard their feelings, felt their intentions. The one who left us said that he will not spread the carpet. Remember, after the 8th, you will not spread the carpet there, but will wipe it. Those who are not thankful to the servants, are not thankful to Allah.

Azam said, ‘I am tired. Till when will you test patience and courage. Many governments came. Our government also remained. There was peace, love, peace and progress. We did not know that the governments remained like this. It was not known that the work of the governments is to break the doors of the houses, slap on the faces of women, drag them to the police station, keep innocent people in jail for many years.

Azam said by giving the example of a sick dog.
Azam said, ‘We knew that after becoming MP, MLA and minister, we have to build houses, build roads, build culverts. Have to develop. In 50 years of political journey and four times political power, I would have done that, which would have written a new power in the date of Rampur. But I was not a sick street dog, towards whom even while lifting a stone, he was afraid that the worms in his body might harm him.
For Akhilesh in Rampur, all is heard without Azam, why does Tipu falter without Khan? BJP is not losing its strength just like that
He said, ‘My children and I could not prove our innocence before the court. The hospital, the municipal corporation could not prove the statement of the doctor. I could not prove the age of my child. If the mother who gave birth to him could not prove her age, then this is not our bad luck, then what is it? His passport and PAN card are not two.

Pain overflowed by mentioning Hitler-Jews
Azam said, ‘We are standing at the door of punishment. Jail is waiting for us again. We were treated like Hitler would have done to the Jews. Wealthy people and contractors left us. What has happened to us, will happen to all of you. At 5 o’clock my membership was rejected and at 5:10 the Election Commission announced the election. By 8 o’clock the speaker of the assembly showed backhand. The very next morning the date of the election was also announced. There was such a hurry to destroy me.

The SP leader said, ‘He stayed in a cell of 8 by 12 for 27 months. Each moment was equal to one year. I want to give this pen with which I went to the hospital on my death bed in the hands of each of your children. Police is lying in the university. Meri Do Roti Ka Jaria Resort. Every bit was sifted. This thief who built your city is standing in front of you.’

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