Poverty did not come in the way of passion, this child of Ghazipur won the international medal in the most expensive sport

Ghazipur: If the spirits are high, then a person reaches his destination by overcoming the obstacles that come in the way of reaching the destination. Something similar has been proved by Deepak Yadav, a resident of Ghazipur. Coming from a very humble family, Deepak has won the bronze medal in the All India International Taekwondo Competition on the strength of his talent and hard work. By doing this, he has brought laurels to his family as well as his district.

Deepak’s father Ram Bachan Yadav, a resident of Andhau village in Ghazipur, is a plumber by profession. Deepak’s mother is a housewife. None of the family members are even remotely related to sports. Even after the financial condition of the house was not very strong, Deepak decided to shape his future in an expensive sport like Taekwondo. Deepak’s father is only 10th class pass. His mother has studied till eighth standard. Deepak’s father’s monthly income is between 7 to 8 thousand. Deepak is the second brother among three brothers.
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Deepak told that in his childhood he used to watch his friends playing Taekwondo game, due to which he got attracted towards this game. Deepak also told that in his childhood, on his way to school, he used to see children practicing Taekwondo in a Taekwondo Academy which falls on the way. After this, the desire to play Taekwondo prevailed in Deepak’s mind as well. This desire was so ingrained in Deepak’s mind that he could not stop himself from playing this game even after millions of refusals from his family members.
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In the beginning, Deepak started doing Riyaz alone without any kit and without any trainer in his spare time. During this he met Vipin Yadav, the founder of Vansh Academy. Vipin recognized Deepak’s passion for the game, after which Vipin and Deepak were enrolled in Vansh Academy. The first few days were very difficult. Deepak’s family was not at all happy about his training. In such a situation, Vipin told that he did not get any fee for training.

Vipin wanted to persuade Deepak’s family about Deepak’s training. But, it did not happen like that. From 2020, Deepak after regular Riyaz in Vansh Academy, he managed to bring gold medal in district level competition in 2021. This gold medal brought a massive change in Deepak’s family’s attitude towards him and the sport of Taekwondo. Deepak now started getting the support of his family members. On the strength of his hard work, Deepak has succeeded in winning the bronze medal in the All India International Taekwondo Competition held at Tyagraj Stadium in New Delhi.

Even after participating in this competition, Deepak had to struggle a lot. Deepak’s coach Vipin Yadav said that Deepak’s family was not sure about sending him to Delhi. Reservation of all the children participating in the competition was done in AC third class. At the last moment, Deepak’s relatives reached Vipin Yadav with some money and asked him to send Deepak to participate in the competition to be held in Delhi. Vipin told that Deepak’s ticket etc. and arrangements for stay and food were made by his organization.

Deepak also lacked the professional kit used in playing Taekwondo. In a hurry, the kit was given to Deepak after asking for another child. Deepak is very excited after winning the bronze medal. He wishes to perform better in this game and bring laurels to his academy and his family. He has started preparing for the Cookie Cup to be held in 2023. This cup is to be held in Delhi in 2023. His coach Vipin Yadav has also expressed hope that Deepak will be successful in winning the gold medal by performing better in the South Korean Taekwondo competition. . This competition is to be organized in Delhi from the side of South Korea.

Report: Amitesh Kumar Singh

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