Pilibhit: Revenge completed… Ghost’s letter.. Deepened the mystery of three dead bodies in a house, suicide note will open the secret!

Pilibhit: In the case of the death of three people of the same family in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, new facts are continuously coming to the fore. Earlier, the members of the family were claiming that the evil spirits were haunting the family. At the same time, while talking to the elder son of child Ram, he has given information about the shadow of the ghost that came on the father and sister. Along with this, a suicide note of 4 pages has also been recovered from the spot, which has been written quoting the alleged soul.

The dead body of Ram, a resident of Rambojha village under Deoria police station area, was found hanging on the noose in his own house on Wednesday. The bodies of his 11-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter Shalini were lying on the cot. The postmortem report found that Nehal and Shalini were strangulated and Balakram died of hanging.

Elder son told this thing

In the whole case, Shivam, the elder son of the deceased child Ram, has said that his father and sister are possessed by ghosts. Shivam told that his father’s mother had done two marriages. Father’s mother’s first husband Siyaram died due to drowning in the river, while Tai Rajeshwari Devi also died of cancer in his family. Shivam claims that the ghost of his own stepfather Siyaram used to haunt the boy Ram, while the shadow of Tai Rajeshwari Devi used to trouble his sister.

used to go to satsang on the behest of ghost

Shivam told that his father and sister used to behave strangely when ghosts came, sometimes they used to walk upside down and sometimes they used to hang on the tree. was. When the ghost told the way to drive himself away, the family members started going to the satsang of Sant Rampal Maharaj as per the ghost. 1 year back everyone had stopped going to satsang. Shivam claims that this incident has happened in his family only because of the presence of a ghost.

Investigation on ghost angle also

At the same time, during the investigation, the police have also recovered a suicide note from the spot, which has been written by quoting the alleged soul. Mentioning the soul in the suicide note, it has been written that this whole incident should be done by the child Ram. In the suicide note received by the police, Atma has also claimed to be Siyaram and Rajeshwari. After this entire suicide note came to the fore, the police is also probing the ghost angle.

Wrote in the suicide note…revenge complete

On the other hand, the soul has written in the suicide note that the revenge is complete. It was written in the suicide note attributed to the soul of Rajeshwari Devi. Rajeshwari Devi was insulted by Shalini, due to which Rajeshwari was angry with Shalini and wanted to kill her, several attempts were also made regarding this but every time Balakram used to come in between. Atma has also talked about ruining a family in the suicide note. After the suicide note surfaced, Pilibhit SP Dinesh P, considering the incident as suspicious, has ordered Bisalpur jurisdictional officer Manoj Kumar Yadav to investigate the whole matter.
Input-Kumar Saurabh

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