On the difficult path of Mainpuri, nephew Akhilesh held the hem of uncle Shivpal, the opposition said – creating an empty atmosphere

Lucknow: The battle for the by-elections for one Lok Sabha and two assembly seats to be held in Uttar Pradesh has started. Warriors of political parties have entered the election battlefield. In order to save the Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat (Mainpuri Byelection 2022), which became vacant after the death of Mulayam Singh Yadav, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav along with his wife and SP candidate Dimple Yadav met uncle Shivpal Yadav (Shivpal Singh Yadav). By using the last brahmastra, he has tried to make the opponents angry. On the other hand, after the meeting of Akhilesh-Shivpal, it has become extremely difficult for the BJP to penetrate the impregnable fort of the SP. On the other hand, BJP and Subhaspa are claiming their respective victory by terming this meeting as ineffective.

On Akhilesh-Shivpal’s meeting, OP Rajbhar said that this is not the first time that both the people have come together. In the last assembly elections also, both the people had contested the elections together, but as soon as the results came, they started chanting separately. He said that neither this meeting is going to make any difference nor any effect is going to be seen, only people are creating atmosphere.

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Knocking on everyone’s doors to make his wife win – Rajbhar
OP Rajbhar said that there will be a fight between BJP and Subhaspa in Mainpuri because the people of that area hate SP. Targeting the SP, he said that the SP government was in power for 4 times and during this government, people are very angry because of the hooliganism, dictatorship, land grabbing, assault, forcibly taking away the criminals from the police station. At the same time, Rajbhar targeted Akhilesh and said that Akhilesh cannot bring Shivpal along with him to make brother Dharmendra Yadav win in the Azamgarh by-election, but is knocking on everyone’s doors to make his wife win.

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At the same time, there has been a reaction from BJP on this meeting of uncle and nephew. BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said that just a few days ago, he had written a letter to Shivpal Yadav and showed him the way out. Today, when the election is stuck in Mainpuri and it has become very difficult for Dimple Yadav to win the election, Shivpal is talking about compromise by going to Yadav’s house. Taking a dig at SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, he said that Shivpal Yadav was insulted earlier, he is doing it now, he deceives in every election and does not recognize him after the elections. are knowing. Rakesh said that SP’s defeat is sure in Mainpuri, the lotus flower is going to bloom.

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BJP’s remaining hope ended with today’s picture – SP
On the other hand, SP spokesperson Fakhrul Hasan Chand accused the BJP of playing politics of division and said that the BJP wants to break the hearts of Hindu-Muslims by making them fight, and also wants to break relations with political parties and elected governments. But the public knows this deceit and deception of the BJP. SP spokesperson said that today’s picture has broken the heart of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that Shivpal Yadav will campaign for Dimple Yadav in the coming days. Due to this, the remaining hope of BJP in Mainpuri has now ended. At the same time, the SP spokesperson said that BJP did not have any candidate to contest from Mainpuri, that is why SP has nominated the leader of another party in Praspa.

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BJP’s path is not easy by coming together with Shivpal – senior journalist
On the other hand, talking about the equation between uncle and nephew in Mainpuri, senior journalist Raj Kumar Singh says that with the support of Shivpal Yadav, the victory of SP candidate Dimple Yadav will be easy. Because Shivpal is the current MLA from Jaswantnagar seat, he comes in Mainpuri Lok Sabha constituency only, so coming together with Shivpal will also benefit him. It is clear from this meeting that the internal discord has also ended, now their direct fight is with BJP only. Along with this, he also says that Shivpal Yadav also had no other way than to support Dimple. If the senior journalist is to be believed, this meeting can be considered as an effective step in the direction of removing the tension going on between uncle and nephew. There are a lot of Yadavs and the sympathy of Netaji’s death is also with the SP. And he also has a traditional seat. That’s why now it will not be easy for BJP to win Mainpuri.

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Input-Abhay Singh

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