Noida Free Parking: 58 parking areas of Noida are free, people are confused about space and vehicle safety

Noida: Due to the dispute of dues between the authority and the contractor, the surface parking being run at 58 places in the city will be free from today. These parking lots will remain free till the Noida Authority selects a new agency to operate them. In such a situation, if you are going out of the house with a car or a bike in the hope that you will be able to settle the work by parking the vehicle in the market-mall or surface parking at other places, then leave with a little attention. Whether you will get space to park your vehicle at these places or not. Even if it is found, there will be no one to take responsibility for its safety.

The traffic cell of the authority has stopped the contractors operating the parking here from parking any vehicle after 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. The traffic cell of the Authority has not made any preparations for the parking operations from Thursday onwards. This situation of chaos that occurs when parking is free can continue for the next 25-30 days. Also, due to this, situations like traffic jam can also be faced at many places in the city.

Noida Authority’s traffic cell officials have decided that the surface parking of these three clusters will be vacated by the existing contractors. If any of these contractors gets the parking done from Thursday, it will be considered as an encroachment and an FIR will be lodged as an action. Noida Authority is preparing to issue tender for selection of new agency for traffic cell in surface parking. Officials say that these tenders will be issued by Thursday. After the tender is issued, even if the agencies come to operate and everything goes well, it will take 25-30 days to select the new agency.

Due to the pending crores of rupees in the new tender, the authority has decided not to include the contractors of the existing three clusters. Officials of the department say that due to the outstanding amount, they will be considered as defaulters. Therefore these contractors will not be included in the tender. The traffic cell decided to vacate the surface parking of all the three clusters from the existing contractors. A letter was also sent to the contractors that they should not get parking done after 12 midnight on Wednesday. But no plan was made till Tuesday as to what would happen to the vehicles parked here. Nor gave any information about the plan to the CEO of the authority.

That’s why these surface parking are getting free

Today, the main reason for such a large number of parking lots being unclaimed in the city is the negligence of the Noida Authority’s traffic cell and mercy on the parking contractors. The parking which is going to be free are of Cluster-1, 3 and 5. The traffic cell did not recover the dues from the contractors of these three clusters on time. These contractors went to the court due to some more dispute over the increase in arrears. Now the matter is in the court and the contractors in these three clusters had contracts for parking operations till November 30. The traffic cell says that’s why the tender could not be issued midway. Nor could the new agency be selected as the matter was in court. Now this parking has to be vacated by the contractors. In such a situation, the responsible people chose the option of freeing them. The apprehension of the officials was that if the parking was not vacated, the contractors would not pay further money. Along with this, you can also bring a stay from the court for further.

These will be the main surface parking to be free

Sector-25 Modi Mall (Spice Mall), Sector-29 Ganga Shopping Complex, Brahmaputra Market, Shoprix Mall Sector-61, Front and side plots of Logix Mall in Sector-32, ARTO office plot area and rear in Sector-33 Sector-54 Opposite HCL, Sector-142 Opposite Advent Building, Between Sector-124 & 125, Sector-63 Opposite Haldiram & Mahindra Showroom, Sector-104 Opposite Hajipur Village, Sector-41 Between Petrol Pump to Liquor Contract, Sector-2 Opposite SBI, Sector-6 Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra, Sector-15 Near Alka Cinema, Sector-50 Near Market, Sector-104 Opposite Hajipur Market, Parking will be free in front of Advent building in Sector-58, 59, 60, 57, 110, 142, at 15 places in Sector-63, at 7 places in Sector-64, at both places in Sector-65.

Parking will run here as before
Surface parking in Sector-18 is being operated by the Noida Authority itself. Sector-18 is also included in the cluster but this parking is outside the cluster and attached with Sector-18 multilevel parking. That’s why the rest of the parking will not be affected here. Apart from this, Sector-1, 3, 5, 16A and Botanical Garden multilevel parking will continue to function as before.

The contractors asked in whose trust to leave the vehicle
The order to vacate the parking lot from 12 o’clock on Wednesday night has been issued to the parking contractors on behalf of the senior manager of the traffic cell. On this the contractors have also written a letter to the traffic cell asking that many vehicles are such that they stand in surface parking for 2-4 days and some for 15-20 days. In whose trust should these vehicles be left?

What to say of Noida Authority CEO

In this case, Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that the contract of the parking contractors of the three clusters is expiring on November 30. After this, it is not known whether the traffic cell took the decision to make parking free. Nor has any preparation information been given by the traffic cell regarding this. Information about this will be taken from the traffic cell.

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