Lucknow: Yogi government’s bulldozer on illegal construction, LDA action on 5-storey apartment in Lucknow

Lucknow: Yogi government’s bulldozer is going on continuously against illegal construction in Uttar Pradesh. In this episode, on Monday, the Lucknow Development Authority has run a bulldozer on a five-storey building. During this the squad also had to face opposition. However, even after this the LDA’s action continued. The builder had got it constructed contrary to the approved plan. At the same time, earlier on March 22, 2021, a notice to demolish it was also issued, on which demolition action has been taken.

According to Shraddha Chowdhary, on the order of the court, the demolition action was taken at the site by the Assistant Engineer Sheetal Prasad, Engineer Rajeev Kumar Srivastava and Sushil Kumar Verma of Enforcement Zone-5 with the help of the authority police force, police force of the local police station. Shraddha Chowdhary also pointed out that two additional floors were constructed and deviation of setback was done by the builder in addition to the sanctioned map. The work of breaking it was done through JCB and laborers.

Court ordered demolition
Zonal officer Shraddha Chowdhary said that against the approved single residential map on plot number C-362 in Sector-B of the metropolis, illegal construction was being done in an area of ​​about 463.21 square meters by Khurram builder and Rahul Mishra, Animesh Mishra, Pramod Mishra. On this, on December 29, 2020, the site was sealed and handed over to the metropolitan police surveillance. After this, the demolition of the illegal part of the building was ordered by the court on 22 March 2021. Thereafter, the builder appealed in the Divisional Commissioner, Lucknow Court, which was rejected.
Report- Sandeep Tiwari

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