Khatauli seat polling: The politics of UP is taking a toll on Khatauli seat, the voting percentage will decide on whose head the crown will adorn!

Khatauli seat polling: The politics of UP is taking a toll on Khatauli seat, the voting percentage will decide on whose head the crown will adorn!
Muzaffarnagar: By-elections are to be held on three seats in Uttar Pradesh. One of these seats is Khatauli assembly of Muzaffarnagar. It is not possible to calculate the victory in the by-elections being held here. The way the political equations are getting disturbed in this seat, it seems that the victory of any party will not be easy. On the other hand, the lack of enthusiasm among the voters regarding this election is also spoiling the calculations of the politicians, because the way the voters are seeing the dullness regarding the election, it seems that this time the voting percentage will be low and the voting percentage will be fixed. Will decide on whose head the victory will be tied in this by-election.

As the arrow of the by-election on Khatauli assembly seat is coming closer, the heartbeat of the main contenders BJP and alliance candidates and their supporters has started increasing on this seat. Both the parties have made efforts from head to toe to make their candidates win. This is the reason that where RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary and all his MLAs and party officials from the alliance are camping in Khatauli, Chandrashekhar Ravan, who joined the alliance, also held a meeting here and demanded a birthday gift from the Dalits by winning over the alliance candidate. Have passed

Vote percentage of Muslims will decide the future of the alliance

The number of Muslim voters is very high in Khatauli assembly seat. The voting of the Muslim community is mostly against the BJP. Because of which it is believed that Muslims will vote for the coalition candidate against BJP this time as usual, but this time due to by-elections, this message is also going to the Muslim community that this single seat will not make any difference to BJP. Not going to. On the other hand, due to the alliance candidate being an outsider, they feel that even if the alliance candidate Madan Bhaiya becomes the MLA, he will be of no use to them. Because of this, there is less enthusiasm among Muslims about this election. On the other hand, the alliance candidate also feels that the Muslim vote will not go anywhere other than him. This is the reason why public relations among Muslims are being done less by the coalition candidate and his supporters. Due to which there is resentment among the Muslims and most of the Muslims have made up their mind not to vote in this election or to press the NOTA button, which can be fatal for RLD and BJP can directly benefit from it.

Vote of Dalit society can spoil the equation

The vote of Dalit community is also in large numbers on Khatauli assembly seat and this vote bank remains in a decisive position on this seat. The history of Khatauli assembly seat is that on this seat the vote bank of the Dalit community along with the Jat vote bank made Yograj Singh an MLA on the symbol of BSP. This time Chandrashekhar Ravan’s Apna Samaj Party’s support to RLD and Dalit Samaj gathering in Chandrashekhar Ravan’s meeting are indicating towards this time that this time again the politics of Khatauli can take a turn. If the Dalit community turns towards the alliance in support of Ravana, then there may be alarm bells for the BJP.

This is the history of Khatauli assembly seat

The history of Khatauli assembly seat is that the mood of the voters has been changing on this seat. The voters here have not kept any one party close to their chest and have been making candidates of different parties win from time to time. Sardar Singh of CPI in 1967, Virendra Verma of Bharatiya Kranti Dal in 1986, Laxman Singh of BKD in 1974, Laxman Singh of Janata Party in 1977, Dharamveer Singh of Congress in 1980, Harendra Singh Malik of Lok Dal in 1985 , Dharamveer Singh of Janata Dal in 1989, Sudhir Kumar Balyan of BJP in 1991 and 1993, Rajpal Singh of Bhartiya Kisan Kamgar Party in 1996, Rajpal Singh of RLD in 2002, Yograj Singh of BSP in 2007, Kartar Singh Bhadana of RLD in 2012 In 2017, Vikram Saini of BJP won and again in 2022, Vikram Saini of BJP won. The seat fell vacant after Vikram Saini’s conviction in the Kawal riots case and bypolls are being held on this seat, in which Rajkumari Saini, wife of Vikram Saini from BJP, and Madan Bhaiya from RLD are in a close fight.

Voting will be held on December 5

Let us tell you that on December 5, voting is to be held for the by-elections on Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat and Rampur seat of UP including Khatauli assembly seat. After this, the results of all the three seats will come on December 8.
Report- MG Baig

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