Khatauli By Poll: Vikram Saini’s application could not be heard in the High Court, by-election is on December 5 on Khatauli seat

Prayagraj: The hearing in the Allahabad High Court has been postponed in the case of the conviction of the outgoing BJP MLA Vikram Saini, who was convicted in the Muzaffarnagar riots. The next hearing in this matter will now be held on November 18. Vikram Saini has filed a petition against the 2-year sentence given by the special court. Its hearing was to be held in a single bench of Justice Samit Gopal.

The problems of the outgoing MLA Vikram Saini have increased due to the postponement of the hearing. Actually, due to the punishment of 2 years, his assembly membership was canceled. Now the by-election has been announced for Vikram Saini’s Khatauli seat on December 5. If this sentence is canceled in the High Court, then Vikram Saini can make legal efforts to stop the election on this seat. Therefore, if the hearing is not held, his intention will not be fulfilled.

On October 11, the Special Court of Muzaffarnagar convicted Vikram Saini and sentenced him to 2 years imprisonment. After this, his assembly membership was canceled on 4 November.
Muzaffarnagar riots: BJP MLA sentenced to two years in Kawal incident, 50,000 people were rendered homeless in the riots
There was a riot in Kawal village in the year 2013.
On 27 August 2013, there was a riot in Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar. Vikram Saini was the village head at that time. A case was registered against 28 people including Vikram Saini under serious sections. The Special Court of Muzaffarnagar has sentenced 12 of these 28 people to two years each.

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