In the case of the death of a young man sitting near the window of the train, the relatives refused to take compensation, kept this demand

Aligarh : Railways has given an immediate compensation of Rs 15,000 to the victim’s family in the case of the death of a passenger in the Nilanchal Express in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh due to an iron rod passing through his neck. The relatives of the angry deceased have refused to accept the compensation and have demanded one crore rupees and a job for the wife of the deceased.

The painful death of a young man happened a day ago
Harikesh Dubey’s son Santram Dubey resident of Sultanpur was traveling in Nilanchal Express going from Delhi to Kanpur on Friday. Between Somna and Dabur railway station, suddenly an iron rod jumped and passed through Harikesh’s neck, breaking the glass window of the train. He died tragically on the spot in the accident. The incident created a stir in the coach of the train. Railway police sent the dead body for postmortem. The relatives of the deceased were informed about the matter.

As soon as the incident was known, there was chaos among the family members. On the basis of the Tahrir of the family members, a case was registered. The inspection of the matter is going on. It is being told that work was going on on the railway line. Meanwhile, Nilanchal Express arrived. The iron rod bounced and passed through Harikesh’s neck. However, the investigation is still going on.

One crore rupees compensation and demand for job
Santram Dubey, the father of deceased Harikesh told that we are residents of Sultanpur district. Harikesh Dubey has two small children. The parents are also old. We have demanded a compensation of at least Rs 1 crore for them and a job for the family and the wife of the deceased. Railway officials are not listening to us. Now we will demand in the court. The railway department has asked us to give an assistance of 15 thousand. He has said that you take the dead body from here and perform the last rites.

what is responsible
NCR Prayagraj’s CPRO Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay said that a compensation of Rs 15,000 has been given to the kin of the deceased immediately. The inspection of the matter is going on. Further compensation will be given as per rules. For this, the victim’s family will have to apply as per the rules of the Railways. Relief amount will be provided after completion of departmental process.
Report – Lucky Sharma

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