Ground Report: Vikram Saini was made mla twice, does not even bother to look at the village, this time NOTA or boycott

Muzaffarnagar: At present, by-elections are being held on Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat and Rampur Vakhtauli assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh. Although the political battle of Mainpuri and Rampur is discussed the most, but the atmosphere in Khatauli assembly is different. RLD is contesting this election on behalf of SP alliance and is fighting to win the seat from BJP. But this time in Khatauli assembly seat, voters’ displeasure is being seen in many places. The situation is that in many places voters are in a mood to boycott voting. The team of NBT Online visited many areas, where many voters were found who are very angry with all the leaders.

Many voters in the area say that they will either press the NOTA button or will not leave their homes to vote. His complaint is that the leaders for whom he votes for hours in line and expects them to develop their area. After winning the elections, even the vision of those leaders becomes rare and the problems of the area remain the same.

When the NBT team reached Daulatpur village of Khatauli assembly constituency to feel the pulse of the voters, there was a lot of resentment among the voters here. The villagers who voted BJP MLA Vikram Saini to win have made up their mind not to vote this time. The villagers say that they voted for BJP candidate Vikram Saini in the 2017 elections and he also became an MLA. Not only this, after 5 years, he made Vikram Saini an MLA in 2022 as well, but he did not look back towards his village. The villagers say that the ponds of the village are littered and the communication routes of the village are also broken.

The villagers said that after winning the election, the people’s representatives do not even bother to look at the village. The way the people’s representatives ignore them, this time the villagers will ignore the people’s representatives and will not vote for any party.
Report- MG Baig

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