Bewafa Chaiwala… name is enough, Diljale opened this shop in Banda, also offers for lovers broken by breakup

To tie: A young man who was cheated in love has opened a shop in the name of Bewafa Chai Wala. On asking, the shopkeeper tells that he is a graduate and after not getting a job, he opened a tea shop following the Prime Minister of the country. To attract people from his shop and to tease his girlfriend, he named the shop as Bewafa Chai Wala. This shop is being discussed a lot these days and people are also enjoying tea by reaching this shop.

Lovelesh Patil, a young man living in Baberu area of ​​Banda district of UP, tells that he has completed BA final. When asked the reason for naming the shop Bewafa Chaiwala, he starts telling the condition of his heart. He says that when he was studying in college, he fell in love with a girl student. The student cheated him in love. He sadly tells that love happens to everyone, but one should not cheat in love. Also told that after completing education I was not getting job, so he decided to open tea shop. To give a different identity to the shop, I named the shop Bewafa Chaiwala after the name of my girlfriend who cheated on me.

There is an offer for people who are deceived in love

The specialty of this shop is, here for loving couples, tea is available for 15 rupees and those who are cheated in love get tea for 10 rupees. People who drink tea here tell that they come to drink tea only because of the attraction of the name of the shop. Lovelesh tea is also prepared with great enthusiasm. The quality of tea is known after drinking it. This shop is very crowded in the evening. In these, lovers, girlfriends or married couples come to enjoy tea. Most of the youths are there in the morning.

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