Attention people living in Ghaziabad, get 10 year old vehicles scrapped, you will get this much discount on buying a new vehicle

Akhand Pratap Singh, Ghaziabad: In the cabinet meeting of the UP government held three days ago, the state’s scrap policy manual has been passed. Under this rule, if a person gets his 10 to 15 years old vehicles scrapped, then he will get exemption in road tax on buying a new vehicle. In the case of private vehicles, this discount will be 15 percent, while in the case of commercial vehicles, this discount will be 10 percent. The condition is that this exemption will be available only if the vehicle is purchased within one year of scrapping the vehicle. This is going to directly benefit more than 2 lakh vehicle owners of the district.

Let us tell you that the scrap policy was issued long back by the Central Government. The state government had also adopted it, but it was not implemented due to non-formulation of rules. Now the rules have been made. Its mandate will be issued soon. After this, this scrap policy will be implemented in the entire state. Divisional Transport Officer Arun Varshney said that after getting approval from the cabinet, it will now be easier for the public to get vehicles scrapped.

Scrap center will open in the district

Officials said that the license for the scrap center has been issued by the government. Its license has been issued to many companies. Now the proposal of some is pending. Soon that too will be released. These valid scrap centers will be opened in every district. When a vehicle owner gives his vehicle to be scrapped here, he will be given a certificate. Exemption on road tax will be given on the basis of that certificate only.

Will get relief from air pollution
Due to the implementation of the scrap policy, Delhi-NCR is expected to get relief from the pollution caused by the running of old vehicles. Because at present lakhs of 10 to 15 year old vehicles play a big role in spreading air pollution in the district. Officials say that if a 10-year-old petrol and 15-year-old diesel vehicle is found running on the road, it will be seized and sent directly to the scrap center along with being challaned.

40 percent of pollution is spread by vehicles
According to a recent research by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, 40 per cent of pollution is caused by vehicles plying on the roads. In such a situation, if even 10 and 15 year old vehicles ply on the roads even after the ban, it will help in increasing the pollution level.

More pollution spreads from old vehicles
Automobile experts say that BS-3 and BS-4 vehicles cause a lot of pollution. While there is a comparative reduction in the level of pollution from BS-6 vehicles by more than 60 percent. In terms of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, BS-VI grade diesel will be good enough. The amount of sulfur in BS-4 and BS-3 fuel is 50 ppm. This will reduce to 10 ppm after the introduction of BS-6 standard. That is, 80 percent less than the current level.

Government vehicles will also be scrapped
A notification has been made by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that now the registration of vehicles of government departments will not be renewed even if they are old, rather they will be scrapped under the scrap policy. This order will be implemented from April 2023. Public objections and suggestions have been sought on this. 10 to 15 years old vehicles of government departments run in large numbers in the district. Traffic police and RTO avoid taking action on them by sending letters only.

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