Texas Chainsaw Massacre Full Movie Download Leaked Watch Online

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Full Movie Download Leaked Watch Online

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Full Movie Download Leaked in Hindi & Tamil: A film came out in 1974. The name was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This was the story of a crazy man-eating family. A girl named Sally was going for a walk with her four friends. It was a deserted area. This group stops at a pump for petrol. But there is no petrol available. To find petrol, those people go to a house built there nearby. A man named Leatherface lived in this house. His name was Leatherface because he used to wear a mask made of human skin on his face. He kills all four of Sally’s friends with a hammer and chain saw. Sally survives. But she is determined to avenge her friends with Leatherface.

‘The Chainsaw Massacre’ was promoted as a film inspired by real events. But most of the story was fictional. Despite this, this film directed by Tob Hooper is counted among the classic horror films. A new film was released on Netflix on 18 February. Its name is ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. This is a direct sequel to that 1974 film. While 8 films of the ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ series have been released between these two films.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Full Movie Download Online

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ follows the story of the 1974 film. Meldy, Lyla, Dante, and Ruth, the four men arrive in a deserted town in Texas. Many houses are lying vacant here. Those people want to use these houses for their work. The house which these people have bought, used to be an orphanage there. But after reaching there, they come to know that an old woman still lives in that house. These people ask that woman to vacate the house. In no time a tall man comes there. Whose appearance was covered with ingrown hairs? The old woman tells that she is the last ‘child’ left in the orphanage.

When she is unwilling to vacate the house, Meldi and her companions enlist the help of the police. Seeing the police, that woman’s health deteriorates. He is taken to the hospital in a police van. Along with the alleged last child of that orphanage and Dante’s fiancée, Ruth also goes. But on the way that woman dies. Then it is revealed that the man whom the woman was telling a child is Leatherface. who is old now. But the habit of killing people and wearing masks made of their leather did not go away. Leatherface first cuts the face of that old lady and makes its own mask.

He then picks up his chainsaw and starts cutting what he sees. While watching this movie, only one thing keeps running in your mind. Will Meldi, Lyla, and Dante be able to escape from the chainsaw killer? To get the answer to this question, you have to see ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Sara Yorkin has played the role of Melody in the film. His sister Lyla is played by ‘Eth Grade’ fame Elsie Fisher. Mark Burnham played the character of Leatherface.

The good thing is that I have not seen all but a few of the movies in this series. The first film in 1974 is considered a classic because it was the first of its kind. There was a novelty in it. Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ had the feel. But the content was different. Filmmaking is a creative process. But when you look at the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ that came out in 2022, you will feel two things. First of all, this film has been made only for fan service. That is, for those who like the films of the series, it has been made keeping in mind only them. The second reason for making this film is to try to cash in on the same fan following. Because looking at this film, it does not seem that its makers were trying to do anything new. This film full of bloodshed does not have the capacity to increase your intelligence by one percent.

There is a scene in the film. Some of their friends and comrades arrive on a party bus to celebrate the start of Dante and Meldi’s business. Party bus means the bus in which a little change has been made in such a way that a party can be held on the go. Separate compartment, bright lights, lots of places for people to stand. After ending the business in that deserted city, there is an atmosphere of pleasure. People are partying on the bus. In such a situation, Leatherface reaches there with his chainsaw and cuts every person present on that bus. This is such a gruesome scene, after which I do not feel like watching this film any further. But by then the film would have picked up your interest. Do you want to know how Meldy and Lyla survive? Do you survive or not?

You are aware that whatever is happening on the screen is make-believe. Nothing is real. Then after seeing such a senseless sequence, the light of the brain goes off. Perhaps the makers want to make their audience feel the same. An interesting twist comes at the end of the film. This twist does not make the experience of watching this film better, but it goes away by preparing the ground for another sequel. The good thing is that the length of this film is less than one and a half hours. If you are a fan of slasher/cannibal/horror movies, then you will like this film. But if you like content-driven serious or entertaining movies, then Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not for you at all.

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