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Varma movies will be a hot topic till the release .. and even more sensational. After the release, Varma’s films have been repeating themselves over the last few years, leaving not only the theaters but also the minds of the audience. However, all the movies are one count .. Verma has targeted power star Pawan Kalyan this time as if this movie is another count. Verma released the Power Star movie ‘Lock Down’ today (July 25) amidst many controversies at RGV World Theaters (Online).

The story of this movie is the same as the story, if you look at the trailer released by Varma recently, rather than starting the story of the movie. The same thing that was shown in that trailer is back 37. 13 minutes long with a bit of stretching. Verma portrays Pawan Kalyan as Pravan Kalyan .. Power star ‘Manasena’ (Janasena) party is suffering from grief after the tragic defeat. With only one seat in the election coming up, he dragged half the film as everyone around him came and consoled him. In this, Verma wrote scenes with Chiranjeevi, Chandrababu, Trivikram and Bandla Ganesh dope. He made the image of the Power Star degrade with them. Swearing at them .. Setairs fried.

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Verma teamed up with Power Star for a role similar to that of Chiranjeevi. ‘Even when I came into politics and got 18 seats .. people could not stand me being bitten by prostitutes .. did you come back to the movies .. did you put your hand on your heart .. did you become a power star younger brother .. did you become a constable son .. still I heard you say .. four movies Do it .. put four stones behind .. says the small character who gives a class to the power star.

Also, there was a scene where Trivikram slaps the character on the cheek. Power Star hates his party because of his speeches. The star director was punched hard for saying that he was a copycat. Also, Varma showed Bandla Ganesh as Gundla Ramesh and made him a comedy piece. Gundla told Ramesh that Inter Star has become popular due to the failure of Power Star Inter .. He used a 7 clock blade punch. Asking for biopic rights while alive .. Sirish Shankar (Harish Shankar) is mentioned as the director. Also, Chinnannayya did not leave Anta Nagababu .. In the scene of talking on the phone with Power Star, Verma mocked the movie Orange as Apple. Also the interview with Katti Mahesh seems to have provoked the scene fans.

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In this interview scene .. Verma also played Mahesh Babu fan. Bull Bull Krishna did not leave Balayya .. On Nepotism .. Power Star mocked on three marriages. In the middle of the interview, Verma brought up the topic of ex-wife Renu Desai’s phone call from Pune. In the middle of the day a Russian girl was brought in .. She was also cursed. Verma tried to slam Pawan’s personal life by telling her assistant that she was busy talking in Marathi.

The Pawan star scene with the character of Chandrababu went on a good heat. The highlight was the scene of Babu coming out to console the power star who lost the election. Many names came out in the conversation between the two. ‘I am telling you honestly .. Brother .. Chandrababu is consoling me that it is more sad to lose in both places than you are to lose my son in Mandalagiri .. Please comfort yourself before Pravan Kalyan consoles me for that .. Power Star said that a historic mistake was made because we did not compete together. Anandam with Babu .. As a counter to that, Power Star gives a counter about what happened in 2014.

No one is indifferent to successes .. It is not correct to say that we have done wrong .. While Babu Klaus is saying .. Power Star is serious that you are very good at committing these thefts .. What I had before I got into politics .. The whole thing is gone after meeting you. Your votes used me .. swore at me with your leaders .. again you solved that problem yourself .. hit that credit yourself .. gave me the buildup to being together. Everyone calls me Package Star Package Star because of what you have done .. Tell me .. Power Star will tell you if you have taken a single rupee.

Come home before the election .. you said let’s go ahead together .. how many consolations do you have when you lose? Babu heard everything .. there is no other than the communication gap between us .. you also know that when you come, you will put our allud aside .. Babu says don’t brief me on what you want .. I don’t want these brief briefcases for that .. don’t believe you .. Many people say believe me sir .. but I do not believe them .. Power star says Sami is your wand .. Verma reinforced many doubts among the people about the Janasena-TDP alliance with the scene where Babu is sent out and suffers.

However, the movie ‘Power Star’ is a calculation till now. After that, Varma led the story as if it was a calculation. After watching this movie, Verma said earlier that he thinks that he is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. On the other hand, he wrote a crucial scene for himself with Power Star. ‘Annayyemo wants to leave politics .. My friend wants to do some movies .. That Gundlagademo is worshiping me to lose. Little does not say anything right .. My wife does not know my suffering .. My children do not know anything .. Should I still be in politics .. Should I leave ?? Power Star wondered who would answer this .. Shambho .. Shambho entered with a bottle of vodka and surprised. In order to please the fans by putting aside the satires on Pawan Kalyan .. Verma did this scene in an attempt to reduce the anger and resentment against Varma among Pawan fans. Don’t actually imagine this scene from Varma. Verma showered compliments on Pawan Kalyan.

Speaking about Varma Pawan in this scene .. ‘I feel more happy than your fans when you put on a party. Because .. I like the sincerity in you more than sex. Sir … I firmly believe that you are the most advanced of the leaders in our country since independence. Because I read you so much .. I followed. Not the stories you have chosen since you made your first movie .. but the stories you have made … I am saying this to observe all of them .. I did not take it madly. Ottesi on my vodka .. You are so great than all those leaders.

You too .. I read the Ijam book written by Gaju Teja (a member of Raju Ravi Teja Janasena politburo, Pawan’s friend). My feeling is .. you didn’t understand people like Glass Teja who understood with a school kid burra. That’s where the problem came from. Not only that .. that glass Teja Gadu is a betrayal you know .. no one I know has done it. Believe in Him with your generous heart .. You understand what He cannot understand. The first reason why the Manasena party lost so badly was that the glass was bright. Killed your originality. What’s more, that’s what happened to your party because of that glass jar .. that destroyed your immaculate purity.

Never use a lie to find the truth .. but the truth will not be hidden ‘says Verma .. while remembering Power Star .. Power Star gets up once and angrily gets up from the chair and comes to the side. Power leg in this order .. touching Varma .. ‘Okesar .. I know you didn’t kick me on purpose .. I don’t need to apologize .. because you are a power star .. if you also apologize to other people .. that word doesn’t make sense. In the process of climbing up the stairs using the ladder as knowledge, except when one step is left, the step is left there and another step is climbed. We should never carry what carries us.

For example .. I said in a tweet that the movie ‘Sardar Babbar Singh’ will not be released in Hindi .. The reason behind it is that I told your stardom to come up with a movie like Bahubali Amma Babu but .. not crazy. I did a lot of tweets about you .. just to avoid the friends and well-wishers next to you. Moreover .. the idiots next to you .. did this only to protect you from the rest of the people who are backing down .. I am just trying to protect you from your bhajan batch as a fan who loves you as your fan. I have immense love for you. If you break the glass and say that you are going to be the CM by winning the Super Duper in the 2024 elections .. the day you win and become the CM .. you will shout Jai Power Star in front of all your fans .. what more can I say. Do whatever you hit or swear at. You feel like Verma is telling you what to do .. Power Star who heard those words .. Hugged Verma tightly and ended the ‘Power Star’ story.

On the whole, Power Star Faustaf has ridiculed his political journey and personal life. Verma seemed to please Pawan Kalyan completely in the second half. Verme Camera himself came forward and said Jai Power Star .. Saying that you are the CM in the coming elections .. That ladder philosophy is in a way that even Pawan fans will like. Even if he says good things about Pawan .. wherever he is shown as negative, he only takes them and promotes the film and pours cassava. The film grossed Rs. Verma is collecting Rs 300 (including all taxes). Overall something is not okay for entertainment though .. too much Rs. There is nothing like watching a 300 box movie. Putting a press meet about Pawan Kalyan .. Verma pointed out that this is my opinion about him. It costs Rs. 300 and cashed.

Finally .. Matallev if Varma appears .. Pawan fans who are angry that Chetale .. may try to talk to him a bit after this movie. Although Pawan Kalyan was shown badly at the beginning of the movie .. he said so much about him at the end

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