Rakshit and nakshatra starrer palasa 1978 movie review and rating

Once a film is released, it is up to the audience to decide whether it is a hit or not. In recent times, the film ‘Palasa 1978’ has gained such recognition and confidence. Even though it started out as a short film, it was good to see all the big guys in the books. The director of the film, Adv. With the distribution of the company, there was a lot of interest in Palasa. Palasa 1978 came to the forefront of the audience, moving from a state of unpredictability to a state of unpredictability. And how is this film ?, Let us now see how far the expectations of the audience are.

The story of the film dates back to 1978 in an area called Palasa, which is the name of the movie. Ambusoli is a minority area in Palasa district. His brothers-in-law Mohan Rao (Rakshit) and his elder brother Rangarao (Thiru Veer) are both dancers. Both the big shawkar and the small shawkar (Raghu Kunche) in the same Palasa area are fighting for supremacy and power. But Mohana Rao accidentally kills Bhairagi due to an altercation with his elder son Shaukaru, Rangarao. So Mohana Rao and Rangarao accidentally turn into bullies.

With that, the little showman who wants to get the upper hand over Anna joins the two brothers and uses them to grow rocky. A few years later they also get into a fight with a small shaw, and move away from the area with a police warning to survive. But their past enemies are looking for revenge on them. And what happened from there ?, What kind of turns did the lives of those two brothers go through ?, What happened in the end should be seen in the movie.

How is the movie ..?
The 1978 backdrop, the film set in the countryside, the narrative of politics, the two brothers who fought against a big race, the characters who stand out from the rest, all of these, no matter how much you think, the industry hits the stage in the latest movies, so the director wisely introduces himself to Uttarandhra, where he was born and raised. Showed what had happened in the Palasa area. Being from there, he showed the Nativity there in a very detailed way.

So far so good. But with a bewildering murder scene in the first scene of the film, the director starts to tell what has happened in the area in the past, and tries to tell a new story from beginning to end. But there is nothing new.

Many movies have come up with the same story in the past. However, there are two reasons why the entire film team strongly believes in this movie. The Nativity Factor and the Periodic Time Frame. In addition, the audience knows what is going to happen in many places before the characters in the film. However, the director who tried to make the film interesting with the fourth and back screenplay was able to sit down even though he was bored until the interval. But after the interval, the film went without any approach. . Almost the entire second half went on like every attack, every attack. The climax, which is supposed to show something, is very poor. It gives the impression that the director has eloquently said a balancing point in favor of the same category.

Director Karuna Kumar, however, made the film the way he wanted it to be. He made sure that everything from the choice of characters to the language they spoke was very natural. Most of the dialogues also exploded. But in some places the whores spoke. No matter how natural, no matter how raw the appeal of the film, it seems that it is not correct for prostitutes to speak in that range, as if there were no other words in Telugu. Everything from the hero character to the police character has been talked about many times by prostitutes who seem to be embarrassed to even hear it. Their dose should be slightly reduced.

The director’s research on the film’s story, as well as the way it creates intensity in the scenes, filming in real locations, as well as the way the film’s use the technicians who worked on it, is impressive.

Who did it ..?
Rakshit, who has only one film experience, feels it is not correct to choose this film. Because in many places his acting seems to have failed to sustain the strength of the scene. At least his character should have been dubbed with a bit of a base voice. But he worked very hard for this film. Chances are he looks like a good actor if he gets a little experience. The heroine Nakshatra, however, acted without distorting the scope of her character. Raghukunche feels okay as a minor shower. The rest of the characters seemed to fit the director’s vision, too.

The music provided by Raghu Kunche should be considered as a big plus for this movie. The songs went together in the movie flow. The background music is very quality. If not there is a bit more loudness here and there. Vincent Arul cinematography is also impressive. Production values ​​are a moderate.

Overall, the film is a sincere attempt by the Palasa team to provide a cinematic experience with a good raw appeal and a fresh feel. Otherwise the flaws in that attempt would have reduced the range of the film and made it feel like it was also an average film.

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