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‘Parannajeevi’ is a satirical film directed by Pawan Kalyan on his life and personality against the famous director Ram Gopal Varma. ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 2 contestant was directed by Dr. Nutan Naidu. CS produced the film under the 99 Theater banner. The movie was released on July 25 on Shreyas ET app. You have to pay Rs 100 to watch this movie.

An RGV story that exploits girls in the name of opportunity. The story of a director who, without any idea of ​​making a film, never hesitated to make a negative film on anyone for his selfishness. This movie is about how Pawan Kalyan fans told Buddhi to such a director.

The film is made to counter such a director, as if a director likes to make money for the masses and makes negative films about anyone. Those who are madly angry with Ram Gopal Varma .. Those who are hugely fond of Pawan Kalyan should watch this movie. The movie that the average movie lover should watch is not at all though. Half the scenes in the 40-minute film are with Varma girls, enjoying vodka.

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“If you think that the characters, scenes and events in this film are fictional, then it’s a hundred times your fault. Source. Drinking vodka, making decisions in that intoxication, giving statements is harmful to health. The makers displayed their creativity at the beginning of the film by saying, “No dumb creature was tortured in this film, except for one living creature.”

“Every living thing in the world depends on itself. Earns his own food. Sadly, the only creature that survives depends on the aliens. The blood on the forehead is the perfume for it. The difficulty of the neighbor is the oxygen to it. High, not low. Manam, not accustomed. Self-criticism does not make sense. On bodies, cults are yours business. There is no mention of even leaving the corpse. Spirits do not need to be asked though. If he gets four bucks, he will stand naked in the alley. He will stand by me and those who are not just you. The film begins with a powerful voice over called ” Parasite – RGV ”, a degenerate technician who degrades personalities in the pursuit of professionalism.

The girl in the bedroom, RGV, the director opened the movie with a glass of vodka in his hand. ” I still do not understand gold .. Is the kick in this vodka or in your body? No matter how many rounds you throw, it makes you want to throw another round. Introduced the character of RGV with the dialogue ‘Because’. There are a lot of satirical dialogues in the film saying that this is the personality of RGV. Comedian Shakalaka Shankar lives on in the role of RGV. He brought down mannerisms and body language. You should enjoy watching the characters in this movie. That’s it but not the life in the story.

RX 100 Fame Laxman plays RGV Assistant. This character is another highlight for this movie. Laxman appeared in the role of Assistant Mahesh. His dialogue delivery and timing are hilarious. “I saw Mao’s performance. If the gun does not come, the bullets should be aside. The dream of leaving one day must come true. Poverty afflicted the industry. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? Did you tell the figure on the phone .. I am Mahesh Gadini who has to change the bed sheets for that brothel work. I came to the City to be the director. I hold the corona for my ritual and live by washing these kamaraju condors. If you know the wool, you will be thrown .. So, I closed everything and joined as an assistant and survived. This is Verma .. My karma is to work with him ” Laxman’s entry was shocking with a long dialogue.

Laxman put a lot of such dialogues in the film. The sword Mahesh appeared as film producer Shekhar. He hopes to make a good film with Varma. If you make a movie with Varma, you will not hear friends saying that it is Potav without an address. Totally plans a movie with him. But, the script does not say Ento Varma. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. On the whole, Verma puts three options in front of Shekhar. The first is the film on Amrita. Shekhar says that if her husband is in trouble, the movie will be about her. However, he says let’s take a look at the direction. Movie Antisar on dead girl .. objection once again.

This time the movie says on PK. Abbo .. Shekhar says PK biopic is coming. But, Verma takes the air for a while. Says the movie in a negative angle on PK. Shekhar does not understand what to do. What did Shekhar do after that? How did Pawan Fans become a part of this? Things like how Varma realized from these mistakes should be seen and known in this short film. Dialogue is the lifeblood of this film. Nutan Naidu satirically wrote the dialogues very well. The quality of the film remains the same. If not, there is nothing in the story itself. The film was made only to show Varma in a negative light. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. But, the suspicion that the creature is such a useless creature did not go unnoticed by those who saw the film.

Finally ..
Not a movie that does justice to Rs 100 though. If not, this is a movie worth watching for those who are interested in what kind of punches were put on Varma and what kind of scenes were shown.

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