O pitta katha movie review and rating

Hype is not created for every short film that comes out in Tollywood. It needs a lot of publicity to get into the small movie crowd. It also has to be diverse to attract an audience. Or campaign with superstars who have a good image in the audience. Actor Brahmaji chose this latter route. Brahmaji chose a short film called ‘O Pittakatha’ to introduce his son Sanjay Rao to the audience. He used superstars for his campaign. Megastar Chiranjeevi came to the pre-release event of the film and did a lot of publicity. Young Tiger NTR also tweeted about the movie. The film came out to the audience on Friday amid moderate expectations overall.

‘O Pittakatha’ .. The storyline is very simple as per the title. Veerraju, the owner of Venkatalakshmi Cinema Theater, raises his only daughter Venkatalakshmi (Nityashetti) as Allarumuddu. Being a motherless child does not leave any deficit for the daughter. Prabhu (Sanjay Rao), who works at Veerraju Theater, falls in love with Venkatalakshmi. The hero does not know this. At this point, Krish (Vishwant), the nephew of the hero, is suddenly swept away from China. He persuades his uncle to marry Mardal. Venkatalakshmi disappears in this order. What is the original Venkatalakshmi? Did the Lord do anything? How did this Triangle love story end? That is the movie.

The story line of the director’s kiss is short, but it runs well with the screenplay. Strength especially for the second half movie. Fastoff does not seem like a big thrill. The story goes on very slowly. Truth be told we get bored. But, the route of the movie changes from interval. The highway climbed. Twists upon twists take us by surprise. Prabhu’s heights give a good thrill to Krish’s heights. We come out of the theater feeling a little disappointed when we see Fastoff but the secondoff has stopped the movie.

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The audience does not catch the point of who is the villain and who is the hero until the movie climaxes. Not so well locked director. If there’s anything wrong with the movie it’s the entertainment. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The comedy was paired in between but it didn’t exactly pan out. However, the comedy scene starring Venkatalakshmi and Prabhu in connection with the Rahul Dravid ad that comes before the movie starts in the theater exploded well. It would have been even more entertaining if the whole movie had been a comedy workout like this. No big deal though. This is the perfect movie for an audience that loves thrillers.

When it comes to the cast .. Brahmaji’s son Sanjay Rao did not seem to care. Although it was his first film, he showed his mark in some scenes. Vishwanth did full justice to his role. Variations in character are well shown. The heroine Nityashetti is hooked on cute acting. Impressed with her performance as a daughter, girlfriend and brother-in-law. Brahmaji’s performance as a police inspector is new. Characters like this hit him. All the other actors acted within the scope of their roles.

Technically ..
The film is technically very rich. Sunil Kumar’s cinematography in particular is very good. Not just for horror movies like Jersey .. Camera gimmicks that work for thriller movies are shown in many places in this movie. The Ooty beauties shown under the name of Araku were wonderfully unveiled on the screen. Also, the beauty of the countryside around Kakinada and Amalapuram, as well as the beach soyagala is well shown. Drone shots were great, especially in Ooty. Praveen Lakkaraju’s background music is another major attraction. Also, the two songs he composed were also good. Magnificent Creations architectural values ​​are good.

Finally ..
‘O Pittakatha’ .. A good romantic thriller that surprises with twists

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