Nani, sudheer babu starrer v telugu movie review and rating

‘V’ is the first big Telugu movie to be released in OTT after theaters closed due to corona virus. The multi-starrer starring Nani and Sudhir Babu was released on September 5 on Amazon Prime Video amid huge anticipation. And let’s see if it meets these ‘V’ expectations.

The story of this movie is simple .. a fight between a killer who commits the most brutal murders and an intelligent – powerful police officer. Killer (Nani) challenges DCP Aditya (Sudhir Babu) who received the gallery medal. Inspector Prasad is brutally murdered in his own house. He then challenges Aditya, giving him clues and committing one murder after another. Why is he actually committing these murders? What is this killer background? Did Aditya finally catch the killer? If you want to find answers to such questions, you have to watch the movie.

The story written by director Mohanakrishna Indraganti is good. The killer and police officer characters he created in that story are also strong. But, the narrative is weak. The screenplay is the main strength of such a suspense thriller and crime thriller. However, Mohanakrishna could not be fooled with the screenplay. The screenplay goes flat. If the screenplay had been as strong as it was, the level of the film would have been different. Fastoff is good though. The second half was a bit slow. The director who maintained the suspense in the first half .. The film has not been so interesting since it was revealed in the second half. No matter the twist in the climax it doesn’t give a big kick. The main strengths of this film are Nani and Sudhir Babu. Sudhir Babu scored half marks with the introduction fight. Perfectly matched as a police officer. They danced to the song ‘Baby Touch Me Now’. Nani showed something new in his performance as a killer. However, that old prankster Nani appeared here and there. But, when committing murders, that brutality in the action scenes, the dialogue delivery is great. As a novelist, Niveda Thomas impresses with her unique role as Aditya’s girlfriend. The character of Saheba is crucial to the story. Aditirao Haidari did well in that role. And for the rest of the cast they did justice to whose characters. It’s a serious elastic mind game so the director did not try to incorporate comedy though. If not, Nani has tried to make the audience laugh with her character. Nani laughed a little at his menarche while still being serious. The manner in which director Raghavendra Rao is mentioned is particularly good in the scene where Mallikarjun is killed. There are two to three scenes like this. It is a crime thriller so the murder scenes are shown very brutally. The murder scene, especially at the climax, is trembling. The songs for the film were composed by Amit Trivedi. A total of four songs. All is well. However, the background music was composed by Thaman. Thaman gave BGM very well in his style. But, the theme music was disappointing. It is reminiscent of ‘monster’ theme music. BGM, the ‘monster’ in three or four places in the film, comes to our mind. However, the sound mixing was very well done. Even if you watch a movie on your mobile, if you put on earphones, you will get the feeling of seeing in a DTS theater. PG Vinda Cinematography is the highlight of the film. His pictorialization and action episodes were thrilling. The scenes shot in the jungle in particular were dazzling. There is no need to say anything new about the architectural values ​​of Sri Venkateswara Creations.

Finally ..
V .. Suspense, revenge drama that does not give much thrill. Did not match expectations.

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