Buchinaidu kandriga thurpu veedhi telugu movie review, rating

Audiences shunned large films as movie theaters closed due to the corona virus and lockdown. Short films greet the audience through OTT platforms .. entertaining. In particular, ‘Aaha’, which offers 100% Telugu content, is bringing good short films to the audience. ‘Aha’, which has already received success with ‘Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna’ and ‘Johar’, has now premiered with ‘Buchinayudu Kandriga: East Street …’.

It is a village called ‘Buchinayudu Kandriga: East Street’. Balu has loved the dream he has been facing since childhood. She lives in the world. He falls in love with her at the age of going to college. Swapna also loves the boy. Caste madness for dream father. A man who thinks his daughter should make friends with children of their own caste. On the other hand, the boy’s father dreams of making his son a railway station master. He has the mentality of being willing to do anything for the son. In this sequence, the dream father decides to marry his brother – in – law without knowing his daughter’s wishes. With this, the boy and Swapna leave the house together. What happened after that? What did the father of the dream of killing for the sake of honor do? What did the boy’s father do when his son dreamed for the future? That is the original movie.

This is a story that happens in every village. It is the story of our street where fathers do not even hesitate to take the lives of their children for the sake of dignity and caste. The story takes place in ‘Buchinayudu Kandriga: East Street’. In fact it is a routine story. Director Krishna Polur has not been entirely successful in transforming a simple story into a beautiful film with touching emotions. The big minus for the film is the lack of strong narrative. The director who chose the background of the honor killings that are still shining in this modern society could not say it strongly. The whole movie seems to be going in a flow but a few scenes here and there are boring. Another minus is the lack of a scene that dazzles the audience. Predict what will happen next. Comedy is also about the end. Still, the twist that comes in the pre-climax is the strength to the film. It’s a tear-jerking twist with the audience. And the climax is normal .. predictable. In fact many people thought it looked like the RX 100 when they saw this movie trailer. But, there is no comparison to that movie at all. The main strength of this film is the actors. Before the heroines, along with the visual moon, everyone was impressed with the very natural acting. Subbarao impressed with his performance in ‘Kancharapalem’ .. He acted well as the father of the hero in this film. In the role of a father who loves his son passionately. Ravi Varma Adduri has always impressed in the role of a father who appears in negative shades. Before the hero, the heroine scene performed well. Another attraction of this movie is that all the characters speak in Nellore dialect. Technically, the film is very rich. The songs composed by Mihiransh are very good. The songs in the film also came on occasion. Again, the background music is also great to adapt to the scenes. Ram K Maheshan cinematography is another strength to the film. The rural beauty of the Nellore district and the surrounding hills of Mysore are wonderfully explored. It would have been better if the editor Marthand K Venkatesh had cut the film without stretching it.

Finally ..
This is the story of our village .. It is a story that says that love is greater than caste and dignity, sacrifice is greater and life is greater. If not .. routine story.

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