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All the films that were finalized before the lockdown are now being released on OTT. ‘Silence‘Also belongs to this category. The film is set to release sometime in January. It was postponed to April. Delayed due to corona virus. The idea of ​​a theatrical release as a whole was put aside and tried in OTT. The film will be released in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam on October 2.

The story takes place between the cities of Seattle and Sequim throughout America. Witness (Anushka) is a deaf, dumb girl. But, good painter. On the other hand Antony (Madhavan) is a celebrity musician .. Millionaire. Having love between the two. After the engagement, the two go on a fun trip together. As part of the trip, the two go to an old house known as a bunch of monsters. The couple were murdered in that home in 1972. Now Antony is also murdered in the same house. But, the witness escapes. Who killed the original Antony? How did the witness, who is a dumb girl, cooperate with the police? Who is the real killer? Things to see in the movie.

Director Hemant Madhukar, who was not impressed with his past films, wrote the story ‘Silence’ very creatively. However, it must be said that Kona Venkat could not give the perfect screenplay for such a story. Maintaining suspense until the climax of a thriller movie, kick in as each knot unravels. Such a kick is lost from half in ‘silence’. Once the culprits of Antony’s murder are known, the story that ensues is all speculation. Hence, the last 20 minutes of the film do not give a big kick.

However, the film went on interestingly for the first hour and a half. The director created the concept of a horror movie with the very first scene of the film. The murders, which took place sometime 48 years ago, are quite convincing as to how Anthony was murdered using the closed house to his advantage. The twists that come in this order give the viewer a thrill. If not, the process of revealing those twists seems to have brought some pieces together. It doesn’t feel like going in a flow.

The main thing to say about ‘silence’ is to talk about architectural values. The visuals are so great. The Hollywood look came with the film being screened throughout Seattle and Sequim. In addition to this, the English casting is on par with the Telugu actors, which gives the feeling of watching English and Telugu movies together.

Anushka is especially important when it comes to the cast. Anushka did well as a deaf and dumb girl. Slightly plump and beautiful. Otherwise no depth was seen in that character. There is not much emphasis on acting. Walked with sign language. Gestures and emotions do not grow big. Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju, Michael Madison .. everyone did justice to their roles. If not, no single character will have a big impact on us. Mainly witness, Antony characters appear. Finally the character of Hollywood actor Michael Madison is also not that big of an impression.

Technically the film is awesome. As mentioned earlier the visuals are intricate. Chanel Dio Camera performance is so great. Also, the background score provided by Girish Gopalakrishnan is another plus. However, in order to enjoy this background music well, we must have the appropriate sound system. Otherwise a good quality headset should be used. Meanwhile, the songs provided by Gopi Sundar are good. The song ‘Ninne Ninne’ sung by Sid Shriram in particular is very good. Editor Praveen Pudi did his duty by shortening the film to 2 hours.

Finally ..
Full of suspense .. Stop the thrills

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