Users said bad things to Mandana Karimi for dancing wearing a burqa, the actress gave this answer

Actress Mandana Karimi has often come under the target of people. Sometimes because of his clothes and sometimes because of his statement. But this time Mandana Karimi was slandered by some people just because she danced wearing a burqa. Some users said such ridiculous things to Mandana Karimi that anyone would get angry after hearing it. Mandana Karimi has now reacted to this.

Mandana Karimi recently shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she was seen dancing inside a store in Istanbul (Mandana Karimi dance in hijab). Sharing the video, Mandana wrote, ‘I wish it was as easy to shoot with hijab as it is hate just some people making videos.’

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Video: Mandana Karimi wearing a burqa like a waist waist, furious users said – making fun of hijab by being a Muslim
Users narrated things to Mandana Karimi
While this video of Mandana Karimi has been praised by some, some have targeted the actress for dancing wearing a burqa. Where users threatened to unfollow him on Instagram. One user wrote, ‘Shame on you. Don’t insult the hijab like this. Think at least once before doing such a thing. Similarly, more users started commenting stupidly on this video of Mandana Karimi and started sharing knowledge.

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Mandana Karimi replied – the world is crazy
Now Mandana Karimi has given a befitting reply to such people. Sharing her picture on her Instagram story, Mandana Karimi wrote, ‘I am reading people’s comments on my burqa reel. People are really crazy. This world is crazy. I’m fed up I want to be a unicorn.

Talking about her career, Mandana Karimi was recently seen in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. In this show, Mandana Karimi made many shocking revelations related to her personal life.

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