There has been a big jump in Shahnaz Gill’s earnings, the singer proudly said – now if I have more money then I spend it like this

Shehnaaz Gill introduced herself as ‘Katrina Kaif of Punjab’ when she first appeared in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ in 2019. She garnered a huge fan following along with countless fanclubs on social media (Shehnaaz Gill Instagram) soon after the show ended and she doesn’t hesitate to say, ‘I have worked with my hard work’.

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She adds, ‘Nothing has come easy or premature for me. I believe that if something comes to you quickly, it goes away quickly. I am working hard and I will continue to do so as I want to earn more of this love.’ Shahnaz Gill reached Gurugram on 7 May and joined a campaign being run by Brahma Kumaris for the empowerment of the girl child. He delighted his fans with over 500 selfies and photos and before leaving, he also asked everyone, ‘Happy? Satisfied?’

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Anything for the fans – Shahnaz Gill
Shehnaaz Gill shared that, ‘Only if my fans are satisfied, will I get satisfaction, because these are the people who support me day and night. So, those who love me, I have to love them back.’ Although Mumbai hasn’t really changed Shehnaaz much, her language and fashion have changed a lot. Her airport look and glamorous photoshoot have been in the news a lot. Gill says, “Fashion comes naturally to me and it has been there since childhood. Earlier, my earnings were limited, so I used to style accordingly. Besides, I was not comfortable in jeans then. Many people do it beautifully but I couldn’t, so I was mostly comfortable in suits. But now that I am earning more money, I can style myself better.

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Shahnaz Gill also shares a positive message with people who often influence other people’s opinions by the way they look. She says, ‘The way God made you is perfect, so we should never regret the way we look. Never look at the qualities of others, but feel proud of your body. Stay strong mentally and physically and everything has time to happen. Just don’t panic.