The Great Weddings of Munnes: Artists left no stone unturned, the makers were defeated, such is the web series of Abhishek-Barkha

Government job, still not getting girl child!
Munnes Kumar Yadav and his strange family live in Mathura, UP. Munnes does a government job. Produces marriage certificate. Sometimes he also makes a death certificate to help his cousin. Parents are not. He was born in Agra, but his aunt had brought him to her home. Agra has a big role in his life and you will come to know about it in the last episode. So. Let’s talk about the next story. Now Munnes is of marriageable age and along with the family members, Munnes himself is trying to get married, but nothing works out. Every girl rejects him and leaves. He has heard ‘No’ so many times that he gets upset, but one day Mahi (Barkha Singh) comes to his office. MLA’s daughter. It is only from here that the fate of Munnes changes. Well not here Munnes, but Mahi falls in love with him. She is struck by his honesty. Tells Munnes about his heart. You must be thinking that when Munnes finally got the girl, what is the problem now? Hey brother, this is where the real story of this web show begins, which is not much but a little bit of fun. Why ‘a little lot’, it will also tell you, but before that, know about the talented creator of this show, Raaj Shaandilyaa.

‘The Great Weddings of Munnes’ trailer

The creators of the show are those, whom you will not get tired of praising
The creator of the web series ‘The Great Weddings of Munnes’ is Raj Shaandilyaa, who has directed Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘Dream Girl’. He has written the recently released movie ‘Janhit Mein Jari’ starring Nushrat Bharucha. Raj is known for his good comedy in Jhansi. He started his career in the year 2006 and from 2007 to 2014 he was the lead writer and content direct of the famous serial ‘Comedy Circus’ on Sony TV. He wrote about 200 scripts for Kapil Sharma and around 350 scripts for Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lahiri. Raj has a record of writing 625 scripts in the Limca Book of Records. Now you must have understood what talent Raj Shandilya is rich in. He knows how to make people laugh. The tickling comes. There is a desiness in his writing. The bid is on hold. Understand what the middle class family of this country likes to watch. Now let’s talk whether this time he has been able to redeem his talent or not!

But this time the attempt failed
Without swaying here and there, if we directly say that ‘The Great Weddings of Munnes’ has been made keeping in mind the ‘perfect’ web series like ‘Gullak’ and ‘Panchayat’, then it is not wrong to say that. In ‘Gullak’, you got to see the bitter-sweet love-fight of a middle class family. In ‘Panchayat’ one gets to see the countryside with the glimpse of the village. An attempt has been made to do exactly the same in ‘The Great Weddings of Munnes’, but this attempt failed. Why? There are many reasons for this.

The biggest drawback of the show, it was only lacking here!
People nowadays watch web series because they do not get stale here like films. Many web series of different genres are being released almost every day on the OTT platform. Now even the language is no longer a barrier. People have seen such content that now their expectations have increased a lot. Even now no one wants to see the remake. Everyone needs something new, something different. There are many such web series like ‘Gullak’, ‘Panchayat’, ‘Kota Factory’ and ‘Aspirants’, which brought something different and something new. This is the reason why they were liked. Talking about ‘The Great Weddings of Munnes’, its biggest drawback is its story. The story is told very well, but there is nothing new in it. Mahi and Munnes want to get married, but a ‘luck’ comes between their love! To change this fate, Munnes makes lakhs of efforts and these same efforts have been shown in 10 episodes of 10. After watching 2 episodes you will understand what is going to happen in next 8 episodes. Seeing the show, it seems that if just put a little more life in the story, it would have become a great show, but alas, there was a lack somewhere.

Some things just don’t get digested…
If you want to make a show like this, then you have to understand that you have to show the reality and not something that normally cannot happen in someone’s life. Not understood? Never mind, let us tell you this in detail. In one episode of the show, Munnes, while searching for a girl to marry, goes to a place where the entire family has died years ago. Now his ghost lives there and to get salvation he wants to get his daughter married. Now think to yourself, this is what happens in normal life! Except for 1-2 episodes, all the rest have been shown such childish things, which will make you angry after seeing it and you will either increase the speed of the video by going to the settings or fast forward and end the show as soon as possible. will try to.

Artists left no stone unturned, the makers were defeated
There is more than one artist in this show. Be it Abhishek Banerjee or Sunita Rajwar, all these stars have left no stone unturned in their payoff. Barkha Singh has done a good job. Akash Dabhade has tried his best to make everyone laugh with comedy. People liked his natural acting. The kind of character Sunita has played in the show, she has no match in playing the character. Paresh Ganatra, Sunil Chitkara, Chetan Sharma and Banwarlal Jhol, all have left no stone unturned from their side. Bus makers could not capitalize on this opportunity properly. Still, if you are a fan of the acting of these actors, are a fan of Raj Shaandilyaa’s comedy, then you can watch this show by taking out a few hours.

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