Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti fought on the very first day, Mika Singh was also surprised to hear ‘Affordable Katrina Kaif’

Singer Mika Singh, who has given superhit songs like ‘Party To Banti Hai’, ‘Subah Ho Na De’, ‘Rani Tu Main Raja’, ‘Aankh Mare’, is finally going to get married. He has done half the preparation for that. Half because now he will finalize any of the 12 contestants. Will know him Will understand Then the matter will move forward. live together or not. That is later. So it might not be right to call it completely ready right now. Well, Swayam started with Gaje Baaz. But later the chillam-chilli also started. The contestants started doing tu-tu-main-main among themselves.

The promo videos of ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’, which airs every Monday to Friday at 8 pm on ‘Star Bharat’, have started pouring in. Out of the group of 12 contestants, the debate of two has been seen. There has been a war of words between Neet and Bushra. In the video, Neet says, ‘The game should always be played with a player of his level.’ To this Bushra says, ‘Mika Singh is there any trophy that she has come to win or lose?’ On this, Neet says, ‘I do not consider anyone as my competition.’ Hearing this, the face of the rest of the girls becomes. Bushra, however, replies, ‘This is really cheap Katrina Kaif.’ Sitting there, Mika Singh is surprised to see all this.

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Mika Di Vohti Contestant: Mika Singh, 45, will marry a girl half his age? These beauties have brought a relationship
Neeti irritated seeing Bushra in ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Voti’
Please tell that Bushra is a resident of Mumbai and she is 24 years old. As soon as he came, he proposed to Mika by sitting on his knees. He was painted. Had talked a lot, seeing which the policies of Chandigarh were irritated. She was also taunting Bushra while sitting behind the camera and asking her to come from there. He also found Bushra’s actions childish. Now it has to be seen how interesting the Swayamvar will be. What else will be seen in this next.

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