Sreejita De Evicted: Sreejita Dey evicted from Bigg Boss 16? Ghori Nagori got into a fight with her neck

Big news is coming out from the corridors of Bigg Boss 16 that in this week’s Eviction, Srijita Dey is going to be evicted from the house. There are reports about famous actress Srijita Dey that she is going to be out of Bigg Boss 16. His name was also included in the nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 16. Apart from them, Shaleen Bhanot, Tina Dutta, MC Stan and Gori Nagori were nominated to be evicted this week.

According to the report of The Khabri, Sreejita Dey is out of Bigg Boss 16. However, the makers have not made an official announcement about this yet. It is believed that she has become evicted due to less votes. If this news turns out to be true, then it would mean that the Bigg Boss battle of Rajasthani dancer Gori Nagor, rapper MC Stan and actor Shaleen Bhanot will continue.

Bigg Boss 16: Cat fight between Gori Nagori, Sumbul Tauqeer and Srijita Dey in Bigg Boss 16, now Gautam Vij will punish
This quarrel became trouble for Srijita Dey
Srijita Dey and Gori Nagori had a fierce fight in the kitchen this week and this fight became a throat slap for Srijita Dey. After this fight, the captain of the house Gautam Vij took the names of Srijita Dey, Gori Nagori, Tina Dutta and MC Stan who were nominated directly by Bigg Boss.

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Why did Srijita Dey-Gori Nagori fight
The fight between Ghori and Srijita Dey started with a fight, but this fight escalated towards class, class, group and objectionable things. Due to such a serious topic, Bigg Boss also nominated these contestants. Actually, Tina, Sumbul Tauqeer Khan, Srijita Dey were cooking food in the kitchen. At the same time, Gori comes first to get extra vegetables, then Srijita denies that vegetables are less and many members of the house have not eaten food yet. At the same time, later this fight reaches each other to illiterate cowherd and upbringing.

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