Sonali Phogat Bigg Boss 14: When Salman Khan rained heavily on Sonali Phogat in ‘Bigg Boss’, Rubina Dilaik was the reason

Tik Tok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat has died at the age of 42 in Goa due to a heart attack. She has been very active not only on Tiktok but also in the industry. Not only this, she has also been a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. After the death of Sonali Phogat, many of her videos and photos are becoming viral on the internet. The grief of his departure from this world at a young age has also spread on social media. When the BJP leader came on a big reality show like Bigg Boss, she was also in the headlines due to her talk, fight, struggle and many personal life stories. But there is also an anecdote when Salman Khan was angry with Sonali’s one thing and he got angry on the actress.

Career of Sonali Phogat of Haryana
Sonali was born in Fatehabad, Haryana. He had joined BJP in the year 2008. She has also been the Vice President of BJP’s Mahila Morcha. She had also entered the electoral fray in the year 2019 but she was defeated. Talking about his film career, he made his debut in the year 2019 with the Haryanvi film ‘Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kum Nahi Hoti’. Earlier, she was also seen in the TV serial ‘Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Liye Amma’.

Sonali Phogat had to be scolded by Salman Khan

Sonali Phogat came in the most discussion in the year 2020 when she participated in TV’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 14. He spent about 33 days in this show. In these 33 days, he told about many anecdotes from his family to professional life. Along with this, many fierce battles of his were also seen. The Big Fight of Bigg Boss also includes the fight between Sonali Phogat and Rubina Dilaik. Yes, the fight between the two actresses was so much that even Salman Khan had to intervene on the weekend war.

Rubina and Sonali Phogat’s fight happened because of this
In Bigg Boss 14, there is a fierce fight between Sonali and Rubina. Sonali (Sonali Phogat in Bigg Boss 14) abused Rubina because of the task, after which Rubina Dilaik lashed out at her. Seeing this fight had increased so much that the whole house was in turmoil. You can also see that fight in this promo video. When Sonali says who broke my name. On this Rubina Dilaik comes to Sonali and says if I broke, will you abuse me. Do you have a daughter too, do you talk to her in the same way? Then Sonali (Sonali Phogat in Bigg Boss) gets annoyed that her daughter should not have been dragged into this fight and she gets angry.

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Salman Khan was angry

In Weekend Ka Vaar, a part is also on the question of the audience. In this question-answer session, Sonali Phogat was asked by the audience whether she was upset and abusing after coming to the nomination. On this question, he had said that I did not drag anyone’s child, but Rubina had brought his daughter in the middle. Then Salman Khan gets angry with Sonali Phogat and says on Weekend Ka Vaar that what did you use that word. It (Rubina) did not drag your baby girl. Rather you told someone’s child. Have you seen this show? That doesn’t have to happen in this show.

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Salman Khan had explained this to Sonali Phogat

About this fight, Nikki Tamboli tells that Sonali Phogat had threatened that she would see her outside the show. On this Sonali says that she has not threatened anyone. After this fight, Salman explains to Sonali that your daughter is also watching this show and don’t say anything that you will have to repent.

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