Shoaib Ibrahim Birthday: On Shoaib Ibrahim’s 35th birthday, wife Deepika Kakkar gave a gift, ears will stand hearing the price

TV serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ fame Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim got married after dating for years. Both are not currently seen in any show, but recently a music video of them was released. Both of them keep making daily routine vlogs on YouTube. In one such vlog, Deepika is seen celebrating husband Shoaib’s birthday. On this special occasion of the actor, he has also given a gift, which is very expensive. Meaning your ears will really stand on hearing the price.

Actor Shoaib Ibrahim celebrated his 35th birthday on Monday 20 June. Some glimpses of it were shared by his sister Saba Ibrahim on Instagram and the entire celebration was seen in the actor’s vlog. In the video, first all the family members and close friends are seen at home. Shoaib again does Kate cutting with his parents. After this people wish him a birthday. They feed cakes and put them on their faces. Then there is the gift session, in which everyone gives gifts to Shoaib in turn.

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Shoaib’s father gets emotional seeing the handmade card
First of all, the actor’s mother gives two-three lower-t-shirts. Papa gives him a hand made card, in which something is written in his hand. Shoaib reads it, after listening to which everyone starts clapping and expresses happiness. But as soon as that poem is completed, Shoaib’s father becomes emotional. Then everyone showers love on them and also hugs Shoaib.

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Wife Deepika Kakkar gave an expensive gift
Sister Saba also gifts a watch to her brother, seeing which the actor was delighted. After this, friends also present all the gifts they have brought. And finally comes the turn of wife Deepika. He gave the Gucci (GUCCI) white colored sports shoes. Whose price is about 77 thousand rupees. The actors are surprised to see this surprise too.

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