Shehnaaz Gill: Fan asked Shehnaaz Gill, ‘Will you marry me?’ The actress placed a condition – if I do not do this, I will leave

People love the flirtatious style of actress Shahnaz Gill. Fans also want to see him laughing and smiling often. After the departure of Siddharth Shukla, he has moved on in life with courage. She is also working back-to-back. Being a part of new projects as well. Tie-ups have also been done with big brands. She also keeps on promoting him continuously. She is also seen answering the questions of fans on social media. In one such show, he has given his reaction on the marriage proposal sent by a fan. Along with this, he has also threatened to leave if the condition is not fulfilled.

Actually, a short clip of ‘Masaba Masaba’ web show coming on Netflix is ​​going viral. In this chitchat show, fashion designers Masaba Gupta and Shahnaz Gill are talking. During this, the designer asked the actress some questions from the fans, in which it was written – Will Shehnaaz Gill marry me?

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Shahnaz Gill needs such a husband
To this, the actress replied with a sarcasm – ‘If the fans are asking, then yes it is fine. Send your resume. I find it very difficult to bear. I am not a good listener. I have to be praised 24 hours a day. How long will Why are you asking me to marry you? Oh you will cook Don’t do wedding plans with me. I will have to talk for 24 hours and if you do not talk about me, then I will go out on my way.’ Masaba Gupta started laughing after hearing Shahnaz Gill’s answer.

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When Shahnaz Gill was broken
Let us tell you that Shahnaz Gill keeps herself busy in work these days. Does not discuss about personal life. The actress, who became famous with ‘Bigg Boss 13’, had also made her special place in crores of hearts. Her chemistry with Siddharth Shukla was liked so much that the fans made many hashtags by mixing her name. He even started dreaming of their marriage. The actress also started seeing her future with him. But suddenly she was badly broken due to his departure. But the love he got from the people gave him courage and he also made a comeback with a bang.

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