Sayesha Shinde changed the track as soon as Lock Up was over, said- Payal Rohatgi won the show, I did not want this

Famous fashion designer Saisha Shinde made her TV debut with the reality show ‘Lock Up’. She had full hope that she would win the show but getting evicted a day before the finale ruined her dream. However, the number of days she remained in lock-up, her journey was memorable. Their friendship, love, fight with contestants and shocking secrets on Judgment Days were all seen and heard by the audience. Now he has talked about everything in an interview given after the success party of lock up. Told the fans about his relationship with Munawar Faruqui. Along with this, a lot was also spoken about Payal Rohatgi, which people did not expect. Because their relationship was average in lock up. Didn’t get too cute and didn’t fight fiercely. There was a slight argument. Well what has been said now is a bit surprising.

When Munawwar Farooqui became the first winner, Sayesha said that he was deserving. She says, ‘Munawwar is a special person. This show was written in his own destiny. I wanted him to win and when he won the show, I thought I won too. At the same time, Saisha also told her mind about Payal Rohatgi. Please tell that Payal was the runner up in the show. Sayesha says, ‘Payal also has all the qualities, due to which she could have become a winner. But I didn’t want him to win the show. The winner of this show should be an inspiration. He should set an example. The way Payal played her game, I didn’t think she was inspiring. Because if even one of the 20 contestants is not your friend, then he tells how you are.

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Saisha would have been happy if she had won this show.
Sayyeshaa further added that she would have been happy if Poonam Pandey, Anjali Arora, Munawwar Farooqui won the show as they are all her friends. Not only this, even if Ajma Fallah could have won the title of the show, Sayyeshaa would have felt better.

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Such was the relationship of Sayesha Shinde with Munawwar Farooqui
Sayyeshaa further talked about the relationship of her Munavvar. He told that whatever happened between him and the standup comedian in the lock-up was not planned in advance. What happened was a reaction to action. Munavvar made him feel good. Let us tell you that the flirty relationship of these two has been seen very well in the lock-up. He has shared a good bond. Although both remained silent on this relationship. And they are said to be good friends of each other. But the audience got to see much more than that.