Sangeeta Ghosh breaks silence on viral dupatta scene of ‘Golden Ghar’ – What I thought did not happen

The video of ‘Swaran Ghar’ fame Sangeeta Ghosh getting a scarf stuck around her neck became increasingly viral on social media, after which people started making memes. Started trolling the actors and makers. People started looking for logic and science in that scene. Now the answer of actress Sangeeta Ghosh has come on this whole matter. She has posted a long post on her social media saying that she is enjoying all these things. He also told that the team was aware of where he had gone wrong and the execution of the scene did not happen as he had planned.

Sangeeta writes, ‘I am taking everything as a joke and I myself have done the same with this video. I think when your people love and appreciate a lot, then they also have the right to criticize. I told everyone on the sets that we went viral. We make mistakes in life and in shows. In the end, you have to move on. The way the planning was done, the scene could not be executed. The team has already understood where the mistake went. And as an actor we have no last words but from next time onwards everything will be done with care.

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Sangeeta Ghosh broke her silence after the scene went viral
Sangeeta further wrote, ‘This show is progressive and its content has also been praised. Yes, we have staggered a bit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not doing a good job. TV is making an important contribution in raising sensitive topics. I have also done wonderful things in my career. Thank you, Sangeeta Ghosh.’

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Sangeeta Ghosh was in bad condition in Swarn Ghosh
In fact, on the evening of May 12, Sangeeta Ghosh, who became a social media gold, throws her dupatta backwards to put on her shoulder and he goes and gets wrapped in the fan. The fan pulls the dupatta towards him, which tightens Sangeeta’s throat. Seeing this, Ajay tries to save them. Ask people to switch off the fans. Ajay, however, is unable to remove the dupatta from his neck, which could easily have happened. Well, the people present there stand and watch the spectacle. Then a girl goes and tries to remove the plug of the fan but it does not come out of it. She asks others to help. After a lot of struggle, Ajay himself tears the dupatta with his teeth and then only that dupatta is able to come out from Sangeeta’s neck.