Payal Rohtagi wins Lock Upp even after losing, it takes liver and courage to do what the actress did

The grand finale of Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ has been completed. The crown of victory was tied on the head of Munawar Faruqui. Apart from the ‘Lock Up’ winner’s trophy, he got a cash prize of 20 lakhs and a trip to Italy. While Payal Rohatgi was the first runner-up. Even though Payal Rohatgi could not become the winner of ‘Lock Up’. Even though she missed a step, she won by losing. Whatever the situation may have been, but Payal Rohatgi did not give up in real life and neither in reel life. In ‘Lock Up’ too, Payal Rohatgi unhesitatingly disclosed about her personal life. Revelations that really take liver and a lot of courage to make.

Payal Rohatgi won even after losing
Payal Rohatgi not only got a chance to improve her image through this show, but she also made a place in the hearts of people. His revelations made even the fans cry along with the contestants and Kangana Ranaut. While some people related with Payal Rohatgi, they also encouraged her. Payal Rohatgi emerged as the strongest contestant of ‘Lock Up’. Even though he had a fight with many contestants, but he kept everything open and frankly. She remained in the limelight from the beginning of the show till the end and carved a niche for herself.

Lock Upp Winner: Munawar Faruqui becomes the winner of ‘Lock Up’, 20 lakh cash prize, car and Italy trip prize along with trophy
Payal’s revelations and pain made me cry
Payal Rohatgi made many revelations in ‘Lock Up’. He had told that he and Sangram Singh have been trying for a baby for 4-5 years, but nothing worked out. Payal Rohatgi had told that she can never become a mother. She keeps asking Sangram to marry someone else so that he can have children. This revelation of Payal Rohatgi brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Kangana Ranaut also gave courage to Payal Rohatgi and said that she can adopt if she wants.

Anjali Arora had drank phenyl, Payal Rohatgi tried to cut her hand, Kangana also revealed in Lock Up
When Payal Rohatgi used to drink non-stop for 48 hours
Payal Rohatgi was also teased that when she came in ‘Bigg Boss 2’, she was shown negative. A love angle was also shown in the show, which badly affected his personal life. Payal Rohatgi had told that she had become famous after that show, but it was negative. People used to make different things about him. According to Payal, in the same show, a contestant had told her – if you want to eat pizza, if you want then eat pav bhaji. Due to such negative comments and evils, Payal Rohatgi started drinking. According to Payal Rohatgi, she used to drink continuously for 48 hours. She had become an alcoholic.

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The joy of committing suicide, long time spent in rehab
The situation had come such that while drinking, Payal Rohatgi did not even know whether it was night or day. Payal Rohatgi also revealed that she was thinking of committing suicide. She had also tried to cut a vein in her hand as she was living alone at that time. He also had to spend a long time in rehab due to his addiction.

Payal Rohatgi did ‘Vashikaran’ for career
Payal Rohatgi had also revealed that when her career was not going well, she had also resorted to ‘Vashikaran’ for this. Payal may have done anything for her life and career, but she did not give up. His passion is no less than an inspiration. If there was someone else in place of Payal Rohatgi, maybe she would have thought 100 times before opening these pages of her life in front of everyone, but the actress did not care for anyone. Neither she backed down in the game of ‘Lock Up’ nor in real life.

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Ekta Kapoor and Kangana praised Payal Rohatgi

His straight forward nature was well-liked. Along with Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor also became convinced of her style. Kangana and Ekta praised Payal that she stood firm despite all the difficulties and did not lose courage. Payal Rohatgi is the ‘winner’ in the eyes of the fans.

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Femina Miss India with Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutt
Payal Rohatgi participated in the Femina Miss India pageant with Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta in the year 2000. After this she appeared in some other beauty pageants. She modeled for many popular brands and then debuted in 2002 with the film ‘Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai’. Payal Rohatgi also appeared in many more films and reality shows.