Payal Rohatgi was targeting Munawar Faruqui for being a Muslim? Said- FIR is on her, not on me

Standup comedian Munawar Farooqui has become the winner of the first season of Kangana Ranaut-hosted reality show Lock Up. Payal Rohatgi was the first runner up of this show. It was believed that she could also win the show but it could not happen. Payal’s statements during the show were considered quite controversial. It was said that Payal is targeting Munawar on the basis of religion. However, Payal says that she has not done anything wrong and has played her game in her own way.

I have the freedom to express my opinion
After the end of the show, Payal spoke candidly in an exclusive conversation with our colleague ETimes. He said, ‘I had a wonderful journey in lock up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I played my game in my own way as I am in real life. I am always open about things and that is a good thing because it shows your personality to people. Sometimes your words are taken in a wrong way but I think we live in a free country so we have the freedom to express our opinion. I don’t care what people say about me.
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Why did Payal leave immediately after the show?
Payal left the sets soon after the show ended. Talking further about this, he said, ‘I am happy with the result of the show. I left immediately because Sangram was very tired. He was sitting on the sets for a long time. He was hungry and tired. He is not used to shooting for so long and he reached before lunch time. So we decided to leave immediately after the show ended. As far as the show is concerned, it is in my hands to do the work, don’t worry about its fruits. I am happy that the show was offered to me. I really liked its concept too.
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‘I am not against any religion’
During the show, Payal was accused of targeting Munavvar on the basis of religion. To this, she said, ‘I want to make it clear that no FIR has been registered against me for targeting any religion or hurting anyone’s sentiments as it has happened on the winner of lock up. I talk about religion but I don’t comment on it. If I talk about triple talaq, how do I target any religion? This is happening, isn’t it, if we are seeing wrong doing in any religion, then we will speak about it. We live in a country where every religion is equal. Some people think that I target a particular religion but it is not so. An FIR is registered against the winner of the lockup for hurting religious sentiments and not against me. I only have my own opinion being an Indian. Then even if people call me a fanatic, I don’t mind but if I was like this then Ajma would not have been close to Fallah and Zeeshan during the show.
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When will Payal marry Sangram?
Payal has been in a relationship with Sangram Singh for a long time. On her marriage plan, Payal said, ‘I am thinking about everything right now. I have just come from the reality show, so I was cut off from everyone. We both share a lot of things now. We now want to proceed in such a way that our families are happy. It was a great thing for me to be on Sangram’s show because I was very confused before his arrival. I was wondering if he was okay or not. I am very happy for what he has done on the show. We will be very happy when we get married. But right now I am happy that our bond has strengthened during the lock up. I know he loves me and I love him.