Naagin 6: The custom reached the slayer of her child, Sheshnagin took the biggest vow in front of his Shiva

Today’s episode of ‘Naagin 6’ begins with Pratha getting her grandmother’s bangles from the pyre. She thinks she gave it to that little girl, but it comes back to me, it’s a sign of something. Mehek breaks the photo frame and reveals that she has killed Pratha and her child. She thinks that if her child was alive, Shesh would have become a serpent. Mehak says before Pratha could give birth to her child, I have killed her child. Pratha is shocked and goes inside the temple. Mehek says I am Shesh Naagin and no one can take my powers from me.

Shiva Vardani calls out to her Shiva
Pratha screams and says that she had seen the three worlds and sacrificed her powers to be with her love, but she lost her love. Now she comes to know that her child has been murdered. She asks Mahadev- how did you let the evil win and leave the truth behind. You chose me as Shesh Naagin and gave me a goal, which I accomplished.

Naagin 6: How did the practice come back even after hanging? Seeing Sheshnagin, Mehak’s spitti-pitti is lost.
Sheshnagin needs his powers
After this she screams – I will take back my remaining serpent powers and vows not to leave Shiva as the killer of her child. You have to return my remaining serpent powers, otherwise you are not my Shiva. She announces to the universe that she will return with the remaining serpent powers.

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Mehek has to fight her battle
At the end of the episode, Farishta calls Mehak to Mount Kailash and tells that he will be attacked by an animal and that he will have to fight a bear taking on a human avatar. Mehak says who will save me? Farishta says you have to save the country and says that even when she was Shesh Naagin Pratha fought with many Asuras. Mehak tells Urvashi about whatever Firishta had said. Urvashi says you are Shesh Naagin, you will fight with him and you will win.

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