Naagin 6: Rishabh’s real mother returns home, Pratha will find out the secret related to Dadi and Badi Haveli

The episode of Naagin Season 6 begins with Seema (Sudha Chandran) getting shocked to see Chanda standing in the balcony. Then she feels sleepy and walks towards her room. Rishabh In Naagin walks with her. The candles fall on the curtains and the fire spreads all around. Rishabh gets stuck in the middle of the fire. Pratha Naagin and others run to save her. Rishabh asks Seema who is this woman who saved her life. Pratha says that it is a surprise birthday gift for Seema (Pratha And Seema Fight), she is Rishabh’s mother. Seema gets upset and Rishab is shocked to hear this. Pratha further says that she is the best friend of Rishabh’s mother who has lost her memory.

Sheshnagin’s havoc continues
After some time, Seema hears Chanda singing a lullaby and tries to sneak into her room when she sees snakes around her and tries to drive them away. Pratha comes in and taunts her again. Seema is caught by a snake. The practice sets him free. Seema challenges Chanda to kill her soon. Rishabh then says that he will serve her as Seema is like his mother. Rishabh further presses Chanda’s feet. Pratha moves into the kitchen behind Seema. Seema feels back pain while working and asks for servants. Pratha says that she has put all the servants to sleep, so now Seema has to cook. Seema becomes more angry while Pratha makes fun of her.

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Big secret is related to grandmother
After this, Mahek (Mahek Chahal) goes to Pratha and asks if Chanda is Rishabh’s mother. To this Pratha says that Dadi reacted when she saw Chanda, she needs to find out the secret that Dadi knows. She meets Dadi and tells her what she knows about Chanda. Dadi says she cannot say anything and leaves. The next morning, Pratha wakes up and sees Rishabh coming from outside. She then goes to Dadi’s room and finds a ring on the mirror with Nag Mahal written on it. She thinks that the secret is hidden in their ancestral palace. Mehek examines the ring and says that she has seen it in her grandmother’s finger in the painting. What happens after that will be known later.