Naagin 6: Fierce fight between custom and smell, the biggest truth in front of Sheshnagin

The episode begins with Pratha performing Abhishek to Shiva. Takshak thinks that he cannot tell some secret to Pratha as his story is not completed yet. He tells Nageshwari that he cannot tell who killed him and she is like you and can achieve anything. Shesha Nag asked Takshak why he did not give a boon to Pratha. Takshak says she wanted her husband’s life but Rishabh is not dead. Shesh asks Nag why he didn’t tell her.

Smelling’s thoughtful move

Takshak says he will come to know when the time comes and it is not the right time for him to know. Mehak sits in front of Rishabh’s photo. Urvashi tells everyone that Mehak is missing Rishabh on her birthday. Mehak says Rishabh named property and money after his name. She shows a video message for him and Rishabh’s wish. Everyone gets shocked. Rehaan tells Ritesh that he did not get any share. Ritesh asks Urvashi to talk to Mehak. She denies. Mehak tells Urvashi that he recorded a video message using Shakti and I promised him that I would introduce him to his Dipika.

custom and fragrance
Mehak says she is happy to get all the property. Rehaan tells Ritesh that he will kill Mehek if he doesn’t get anything. Riteish says he is Naagin and we need to expose him. Mehek comes there and threatens to kill them if they plan anything against her. Ritesh tells her that if she does not want to share them, he will kill them. Mehek tells them that Urvashi is stopping her and leaves. She comes out. It has been shown that the practice fooled them.

Sheshnagin showed his powers
After this, Mehak learns that the practice is still alive. She sees him in the form of a serpent and learns that Kiara is the custom. After this, the battle of custom and smell is seen. Pratha stops Mehak from going to the Nagmahal and kills her before she can enter. Then Sheshnag comes there. He has to take part in the swayamvara but custom prevents him from doing so. The final decision is of Sheshnag and Mehak goes to Swayamvar.

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