Mahi Vij broke down seeing Tara on ventilator, she was last chance with IVF, was trying for 5 years

Actress Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali became parents in 2019. They had a lovely daughter, whom the couple named ‘Tara’. Now she has become an influencer on social media. It has its own Instagram account, which has more than 2 lakh followers. When she came on the sets of ‘DID Li’l Masters’, Kiara Advani confessed that she was Tara’s fan. Not only this, Salman Khan and Kartik Aaryan have also been shown sharing a bond with Tara. However, Mahi’s whole life has changed with the arrival of Tara. He has told in an interview that what he faced before Tara’s arrival and told how many complications came in his pregnancy.

Mahi Vij told in an interview to ‘Bollywood Bubble’ that the journey of pregnancy was not easy for her. She and Jai were trying for a baby through IVF and Tara was the last attempt. When she was born, she had to go through a lot as the daughter was her pre-mature baby. There was a time when his flower-bud was kept on ventilator. Mahi says in the interview, ‘When I was 32 years old in 2014, then we tried IVF but could not be done. And at some point of time many doctors even said that I should appreciate surrogacy. But Jai wanted to enjoy those 9 months. He wanted to live the time of having a child. He wanted to see the ultrasound every month.

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Mahi told that Jai had said, ‘I want to enjoy that journey. So this is the last, after that I will not force at all. The actress says that IVF is not easy, you break emotionally. Your health and mental state are both at stake.

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She says, “Tara was our last attempt and it was successful. Even after that, even if I was being given 100 injections, I would not feel pain because I knew it was for my daughter. Then Tara was a premature baby. I was broken once again when she was on ventilator. But I am very positive anyway. I thought she would be fine. Nothing will happen to him. Her being in the NICU is a part of Tara’s life. When you don’t do anything wrong, then you stay positive that whatever happens, it will be good.