Kunal Verma: Inspired by Ranveer, actor Kunal Verma took a nude photo, said- I don’t see anything wrong in this

Ever since actor Ranveer Singh got the nude photoshoot done, this is being discussed everywhere about the actor. There was a ruckus as soon as Ranveer’s pictures went viral on the internet. His photos became the hottest topic for everyone and everyone who sees them just started talking about the pictures of the actor. Only some actors from the industry started following this trend after seeing him. One of these has become TV actor Kunal Verma. Kunal has also got a photoshoot done like Ranveer and shared it on his Insta.

Inspiration taken from Ranveer
Kunal Verma, known for his role in ‘Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna’, recently posed for a nude picture. Kunal has created panic on the internet with his bold photo. Verma has received mixed reactions on social media for his bold move. In an interview, Kunal revealed that he took inspiration from Ranveer Singh and posed for this photo.

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Nude photo of Kunal
Sharing his bold photo on Instagram, Kunal Verma captioned his post, ‘I have limited money to spend so I chose to spend it on my body.’ After sharing the photo, Kunal spoke to the Times of India about his bold photo. When asked if Ranveer inspired him to do this, the actor said, “Of course, someone has to take the initiative and Ranveer did it really beautifully. But our people see nudity in it.

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I don’t see nudity in it…
He further said, ‘You cannot explain to people. I took inspiration from him and I didn’t see any nudity behind it. I have put the picture and if you look carefully I am still wearing mini or micro shorts, it will look something like this. Meanwhile, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote a letter to Ranveer.

PETA wrote a letter to Ranveer Singh, said- Will we do a photoshoot without clothes for our campaign?
PETA wrote a note to Ranveer
It read, ‘We saw your paper magazine photo shoot and we hope you will take off your pants for us too. Would you consider appearing in a naked PETA, to promote compassion for animals. India ad with the tagline ‘All animals have the same parts try vegan’? I have also attached an image of Pamela Anderson for you.

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