Karan Mehra: Karan Mehra opened the letter, said- Wife Nisha accused my old parents of having unnatural sex

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal used to be a beautiful couple in the TV industry, but now there is a rift between them. Last year, Nisha Rawal accused Karan of having an extra-marital affair. Not only this, Nisha had also accused the actor and his parents of domestic violence. Now Karan has come in front of the media after collecting the court papers and evidence and one by one he was seen talking about the false allegations against himself and his family.

‘Whatever was done had months of planning behind it’
Karan Mehra said, ‘I have organized today’s press conference because the story of my side has not yet reached you. The press conference that was held on 1st June, after which the allegations were made, after that the first FIR was done, followed by the second FIR against my parents, against my brother and me… so all these details have never come out in the open till date. . There is a lot of confusion in the minds of people as to what is happening in this case. Whose side is what, who is right and who is right. Of course, many things happened suddenly in my life, so I did not understand. It took me months to understand what was happening to me. Whatever was done had months of planning behind it. It is taking me 2-3 months to answer a case, so how long will it take to read it. Did a case with the police at night and called a press conference the next day. Who is normal with whom such an accident happens in the night and is ready for the press conference in the morning.

Karan Mehra said – Rohit Sethia and my wife Nisha Rawal have an affair, living in my own house for 14 months

‘Wife alleges unnatural sex against my parents’
Karan said, ‘The second FIR that was done against my mother, father, my younger brother and me, it has created a lot of confusion that these sections were imposed on Karan, Nisha Rawal against his parents and brother. Didn’t put So the court has given an order. Section 498 was imposed against my parents and brother, which is related to dowry, section 377 which is a very serious section and it is related to unnatural sex which is imposed on all four. This section is individual on each one, i.e. father with nisha, mother with nisha… I don’t understand how this can happen, brother with nisha and I with nisha. Apart from this there are sections like 406, 323, 504, 506, 34. So to say again and again that I did not on the parents. It has been done only on Karan, then what has been imposed on the parents. And if sections have not been imposed on the parents, then how have they got anticipatory bail and why they have been given.

Karan Mehra said – My wife Nisha Rawal’s affair with her brother, there is evidence in the court

My 70-year-old parents were wandering when the pandemic peaked in June
He said, ‘It is a matter to think about because one thing is spoken. Media is a medium through which we convey things to the people. Today we have all the weapons, Instagram, post here and reach millions of people there. I haven’t even spoken my side yet. The character that had to be spoiled was done at that time. I will also tell what happened after these streams. At that time the pandemic was at peak in June. To my brother, to the parents, at that time you can think that how can I let my 70 year old parents go where we are not going, but you have to go. There was a risk on the life of my parents, but had to come, go to the police station to explain, take anticipatory bail, so all these things were created at that time.

Karan Mehra: Threatened Me And Witness, Confiscated My House, Car, Child

I have to stay outside after leaving everything that I have made for 20 years.
Karan said, “It was a difficult time for all four of us, emotionally, physically and financially stressed. Now you will think how financially Karan was thrown out of the house at that time. The hard work that I have done for 20 years, leaving everything that I have made, I have to stay outside. I didn’t have a document, no clothes, no car, I didn’t have anything of my own, I left with only my phone. I have made 600 page reply to this FIR, by remembering things, collecting from somewhere and then I have got anticipatory bail.

He is currently having extra marital affair
He also told that I, my parents and brother have been threatened with death not once, not twice but many times. He said- I want the truth to come in front of you all. Describing the wife, Karan said, ‘Some time ago I had said that I am living with a non-man. Nisha Rawal, who is not divorced yet, is still going on in the court, she is currently having an extra-marital affair with Rohit Sethia, who is her brother-in-law. He has donated a daughter in our marriage. If I had said at that time, everyone would have said that the wife has accused them, then in return they have also said the same. It has taken 14 months to collect all the evidence. In this press conference, Karan spoke openly about all the allegations leveled against him by his wife Nisha. He told that till everything is cleared, he wants the custody of the child to be given to him.

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