Kapil arrived at Jigri Yaar Mika Singh’s ‘Swayamvar’, fearing Sharmaji should not do this to the groom in marriage

Kapil Sharma and Mika Singh are very good friends. Their friendship is also seen a lot on the social media handles of both. It is known to all that Singer Mika Singh has a show coming up ‘Mika Di Voti’ in which he has been swayamvar (Mika Singh Swayamvar) and he is not alone in finding his bride but he has many friends who will support him in this. . Recently, Kapil Sharma shared some photos of going to Mika’s wedding and also told what he is afraid of there.

Kapil Sharma went to find Mika Singh Ki Dulhania
Sharing the photos (Kapil Sharma Instagram), Kapil Sharma gave it a funny caption, seeing that the fans are unable to control their laughter. Sharing the photos, he wrote, ‘I am going to Jodhpur to attend brother Mika Paji’s Swayamvar. The cost is enough. The fear is that the groom may not back down.

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Mika Singh’s Swayamvar in Jodhpur
Mika Singh’s Swayamvar is being held in Jodhpur. A beautiful hotel has been booked for Swayamvar in Jodhpur. Kapil Sharma shares a close bond with his friend Mika Singh. Kapil looked all set to attend his friend’s swayamvar. On Saturday, Kapil Sharma left for Jodhpur from Mumbai to attend the Swayamvar. Some other people were seen with Kapil in the private plane.

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Singer will get bride in ‘Mika Di Voti’
Mika Di Voti is a reality TV show in which Punjabi singer Mika Singh will be seen searching for a bride for himself. In this show, he will test the girls in every way and then he will choose whoever is the right partner.