Farmani Naaz: Farmani Naaz is raising a monkey’s child as a son, narrated the emotional story of ‘Tinnu’

Singer Farmani Naaz, when her husband married for the second time without divorcing her, at that time people did not discuss her as much as she is doing now after singing Shiva bhajans. Farmani Naaz, who was seen in ‘Indian Idol’, recently sang the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’, after which she has come under the target of the ulema of Deoband. Even on social media, a section of Farmani Naaz is telling lies on singing the bhajan of Bholenath. Farmani Naaz remains very strong in the midst of this controversy and she stands by her stand. But as strong as Farmani Naaz is, she is also emotional. Not only the pain of humans but also the pain of animals bothers them. That’s why Farmani Naaz is also the mother of a monkey. She takes care of him like a child.

Farmani Naaz feeds a monkey baby with a nipple on her lap

Farmani Naaz shared a video on his YouTube channel a few months ago, which is now in the news. In this video, Fermani Naaz is seen feeding the monkey’s babies with a nipple sitting on her lap. He named it Tinu. Farmani Naaz is telling in the video that she loves Tinu more than her own son Arsh and pampers her a lot.

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Name is named Tinu, Farmani Naaz narrates a painful story
Farmani Naaz also told in the video when and how she brought the monkey baby home. She told that once when she was going somewhere, on the way she saw that Tinu’s mother had died in a road accident. He was alone at that time. That’s when Farmani Naaz brought that monkey’s baby home and has been taking care of it well since then. She not only dresses him, but also feeds and milks him. Farmani Naaz is telling in the video that Tinu is a child without a mother, that’s why she cries, but keeps her very pampered.

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Watch the video of Farmani Naaz feeding the monkey:

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Not only this, Farmani Naaz makes the monkey’s child Tinu sleep with her. In the video, she is also seen singing a song to put Tinu to sleep. Farmani Naaz also appealed to the people in the video that if they see any destitute or childless mother, then definitely become his support. Farmani Naaz told that her son Arsh and Tinu live like brothers. This video of Farmani Naaz is being liked a lot and is now in discussion. People are commenting a lot on the video. One has written, ‘For the first time today, Farmani ji did the duty of mother in the true sense.’ Another user wrote, ‘Allah Mian and may God be with you. Rahmat spared.’

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