Chhavi Mittal proudly showed the scars of breast cancer surgery, narrated her post-operation ordeal

TV actress Chhavi Mittal is battling a serious illness like cancer. Recently, he posted a picture related to cancer surgery (Chavi Mittal Breast Surgery). Seeing this picture, the pain of the actress can be gauged. At the age of 41, Chhavi Mittal is battling this dreaded disease but she is leaving no stone unturned to inspire fans through social media posts and videos. Chhavi Mittal recently posted a picture on Instagram, in these photos her cancer surgery is clearly visible. Along with this, he also shared his ordeal by writing a long and wide post.

Chhavi Mittal wrote on Instagram, what I suffered is unimaginable. Today I went to gym. Today I was not able to use my right hand. I tried my best but I could not lift the weight. I used to do squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, single leg squats and sumo squats earlier. Well there is no reason to complain about anything. I can’t even do anything about my armpit surgery scar. My doctors are proud of me and myself.

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Unless you can be mentally strong then..
She further writes, I believe that without being mentally strong you cannot be physically strong. So I was nervous about taking this step today, I took a few minutes to remind myself of my mental strength. After all, you can’t be conscious without using your brain, right?

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surgery pain
Chhavi Mittal used many hashtags like Heal, Breast Cancer, Surgery with this post. He told after this post that many changes have happened in his body after the surgery. He could not even raise his hand. The mental pain he has endured in this entire process has been unbearable.

Who is Chhavi Mittal
Chhavi Mittal is a popular name in the TV industry. He has been active in the TV industry for many years. She has worked in many serials including Ek Chutki Aasman, Dolly’s wedding to three Bahuranis. Apart from this, she also runs her own YouTube channel.