Bharti Singh: Bharti Singh wants son Gola to work in McDonald’s, said- If he turns 18, do not ask for expenses

Comedian Bharti Singh has never been happy ever since she became a mother. At this time she is also handling the son Lakshya i.e. Gola and is also working together. However, Bharti wants that when her son turns 16 or 18 years old, he should not ask for expenses and earn on his own. Bharti Singh said this during a live session on Instagram with Neha Dhupia. Some time ago Neha Dhupia started a community group called Freedom To Feed. During the live session done for this, Bharti Singh told how she is managing everything after delivery. Also told how people scared her during pregnancy.

Bharti Singh said that she wants her son to work in McDonald’s and if she has a daughter, she should also work in a part time salon and motivate people. Bharti Singh said that even though their days are passing in the care of their son Lakshya, but they are also working together so that they can survive in a city like Mumbai.

After turning 18, the son should earn himself, why does Bharti want this?

Bharti Singh told Neha Dhupia, ‘Me and Harsh have become busy. We are consciously taking limited business. Work is very important because if we want to mold it like ourselves then work is very important. My thinking is that we will help him financially only for a few years. Afterwards he has to work. As happens abroad, children also work and study together. I am in favor of that. After the age of 16 or 18, do not ask for expenses from your parents. You do it yourself.’

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Bharti Singh wants daughter to work part time

Bharti Singh further said, ‘What if Bharti is the son of Singh? He is also studying and working at McDonald’s. Look what’s the matter, Bharti’s daughter is also in the salon, who guides the people… Come on, take an appointment. So I will be happy that my children are doing this part time also. Nowadays it is very difficult to survive in Mumbai. Home is the number of people you are and all of you are earning in Mumbai, only then the house will run.

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Neha Dhupia was asked herbs for having a daughter
Bharti said that she is very happy with the arrival of the baby. Their happiness has doubled. Now she wants another baby. However, Bharti wants the second child to be a daughter, not a son. In this regard, she jokingly asks Neha Dhupia about such a herb, which can be used to give birth to a daughter. Hearing this, Neha Dhupia starts laughing.

Bharti Singh shared the good news of pregnancy with fans in December 2021 and kept working till a few days before delivery. The way Bharti Singh set an example by working till the time of delivery, now she wants to set a new example by making her son self-reliant at the age of 18. Husband Harsh Limbachiyaa also helps a lot in taking care of the son. It is his duty to handle Gola during the day and Bharti Singh after coming from work.

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