Anupamaa: When Anuj Kapadia fell into coma in ‘Anupama’, fans got angry – stop this show now, spoiled everything

Will do anything for TRP! Such a question came to mind when I saw the new track of ‘Anupama’. The show, which started two years ago, has given competition to all the shows and has retained its place at number one in the TRP list. Because people are able to relate its story to their personal life from the very beginning. It is being shown what the common people usually face. But seeing the upcoming track, everyone is angry with the makers. People have even threatened not to watch the serial after seeing the promo of the show.

Actually, it is shown in the new promo that Anuj Kapadia has gone into a coma. Anupama is very upset by this. She is taking care of them. At first people thought that the way Anuj Kapadia was in, he would die and his scene would be removed from the show. But Gaurav Khanna has clarified about this that he is not going anywhere except this serial. He is dedicated for this.

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Fans gave advice to the makers of ‘Anupama’
But the fans are angry after seeing the new promo. He has said to stop all this in the show. One user has written, ‘Day by day this show is getting behind.’ One wrote, ‘No, I can’t see my Anuj Kapadia in this condition. Please finish this track soon. One threateningly wrote, ‘If Anuj goes into a coma, I will stop watching. Now it is becoming like another saas bahu drama. One wrote, ‘Whatever it is, it’s not going to be interesting at all.’ One clearly said- ‘Stop this show now. Why does Anumpa always travel all the time…’ One wrote- ‘The whole show spoiled.’

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Paras Kalnawat has already left ‘Anupama’
Let us tell you that ‘Anupama’ is in the headlines anyway because Paras Kalnavat, who played the role of Summer, has gone from this show. He has said goodbye to this popular TV serial. Now he is giving back-to-back media interviews in which he is making many revelations related to the show. Well now his place has been taken by his own friend Sagar Parekh. Now whether he will be able to do like him or not, the fans are waiting for it.

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