Anjali Arora Video: Was Anjali Arora’s MMS video really leaked? It is going viral on social media

Actress Anjali Arora, who first made everyone crazy by shaking her slender waist on the song ‘Kacha Badma’ and then in ‘Lock Up’ with a simple style, stabbed everyone’s hearts. She is once again in the news. It is being claimed in the news that his alleged MMS video has been leaked, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many people are also claiming that only Anjali is visible in the video. Now what is the whole matter, let us explain in detail.

Actually, a video was leaked on social media, after seeing which some said that Anjali Arora is in it and some claimed that there is a girl who looks like her. Anjali has also not reacted on this issue yet. Anyway, there is no strong evidence that Anjali Arora is in the leaked MMS. Therefore, it would be wrong to say anything with any claim on this matter.

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Anjali Arora became famous with ‘Kacha Badam’
Let us tell you that Anjali Arora got popularity through social media. He achieved achievement by dancing for a few seconds on ‘Kacha Badam’. She became a star overnight. He also has more than 11 million followers on Instagram. After this he was brought in Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. Here the relationship between him and standup comedian Munawwar Farooqui was well-liked by the people and a hashtag was also made in the name of both. Once the actress even proposed Munavvar. However, after the end of the show, both of them parted ways.

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Fans of Anjali Arora are waiting for this
Anjali Arora is currently dating digital creator Akash Sanssanwal. He told in an interview to Bombay Times that Akash is very special to him. The relationship between both of them is very strong. Akash has a very special place in his heart but he has not been engaged. For the time being, the fans are only waiting for when they will be able to see Anjali in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

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